Sunday, 20 April 2014

More Wastelanders....

I was gifted this little lot from Curtis at Ramshackle when he moved his workshop. The Nuclear Renaissance figures are great Wasteland fodder and are ideal for Mattblackgod's world.  As there was a few of the same figure I have done a couple of conversions which I will detail as I go along. 

Medic for Great Lakes.Some one will have to patch them up after the Wasteocrates get hold of them! 

Wasteland Shamans are integral to many communities in the wastelands giving guidance,advice and "healing" when needed. Guidance often comes from strange ancient devices such as Magic 8 Balls. Many claim to speak to the ghosts of the ancients and others claim to speak to the mattblackgod itself! Shaman will often drum into young wastelander's heads where it is unsafe to go by speaking of ghosts haunting places. Many Stalkers are amazed by the places that are "taboo" but all that means is more loot left. 

The figure on the left was modified by adding a Iron Pig Kolony rebel head. 

Kaludius the daft finds a strange shiny ball in the ruins.

"What does this do I wonder?" he mutters to himself as he polishes it up on his rags....


The Wastelands has a new crater.

The figure is the same as the two above. I removed the staff and arm. I added a weapon from Mantic Orx/Marauder.The head was replaced with a plastic Void Junker head. 

Out in the wastes vehicles are a life line between communities. The wastes are simply too hostile to travel on foot. Some has too build, repair and maintain the vehicles. Folks such as the Mech above. 

Every community needs healers like the one above. The Healers can often be found out in the Wastes looking for the herbs and plants to make medicines with. 

Need a gun for hire? Cin Emon is the lady to speak to. 

Once again I have enjoyed painting these figures (when my geriatric Cat Alice stopped making a nuisance of herself). They are very characterful. There will be more Ramshackle figures to be added to the collection in future...when I have finished painting the huge pile of stuff Curtis gave me. Thanks Again Curtis. 

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  1. Some simple but effective conversion, all looking suitably dusty/dirty, very cool indeed