Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happy Giant Mutant Bunny Day!! Oh and some minis too!

This day in ancient times was celebrated by the exchange of chocolate eggs and for some unknown reason the need to dress up as a giant mutant bunny rabbit. So from all of us on mattblackgod's world....


Right who wants to see some figures? *cocks the kneecapper* I said WHO wants to see some figures?? 

First up is a random lone Stalker equipped with a home built SMG - often nicknamed "The Ba***rd" due to misfires, poor accuracy and jamming when you don't want it too. 

The figure is a Warlord Bolt Action plastic WW2 British Tommy. I added a hood to the figure and that is pretty much it. One thing to note is that the Bolt Action figures are noticeably smaller than other 28mm figs including the Combat Zone ones.I originally intended to use the bolt action arms and weapons with the Combat Zone figures to make Stalker conversions but the arms are too short and weapons a bit on the small side. 

There has been other conversions on going on. My old Combat Zone plastic Gangers sat there unloved. So this is what happened....

L- R The left two have CZ trooper command arms while the guy on the far left has a Anvil head and a putty scarf. The third figure from left has been re-armed with GW 40K Dark Eldar arms. The guy on the right had the goofy looking assault rifle shaven from his arms. A resin shot gun replaces the original weapon. 

L-R The lady on the far left has GW 40K Dark Eldar arms while the other two figures have EM4 CZ command arms added to give them the gunfighter look.

The CZ gangers look a little too high tech for post apoc so my plan is to use them as either Block Gang members for Utopia City or as Ships Crew/Pirates for Wild Galaxy.

I have a few more of the CZ gangers and troopers in the unpainted pile. A few more figure conversions will follow in future. I recently acquired the Wargames Factory Survivors (male and female) so any spare parts will find there way into this project. 

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