Monday, 26 May 2014

24th Browncoats

During the many wars & invasions that has happened across the colonies and independent edge worlds the Confederacy of Independent worlds raised many reg tag looking regiments to fight off various invaders be they pirates, Solar Nations, Corporations or the Galactic Blok nations. Many of these regiments where nicked named "Browncoats" because of the distinctive Brown Coats worn by these freedom fighters. 

While Wolfden is not a member of the Confederacy it is a important trade hub for many of the Confederate worlds. To protect Wolfden the 24th "Browncoats" where posted to the world. After a few years the figment disbanded and quite a few fighters stayed on Wolfden forming a Mercenary company in the pay of the World's leader:- Lady Valium. They see various deployments against the Outback and Badlands gangs or as extra muscle for the Wolfden Security Forces. 

Group shot: 

The figures are Rim Mercenaries. 

I see this force as begin quite rag tag mixing equipment and uniform colours. The only thing tying them together is the Browncoat they wear. In the to paint pile is a converted Matchbox vehicle which will serve as a patrol vehicle. 

This force will grow as there are more Rim Mercenary packs available from I am also tempted to mix in some WW2 US GIs and USA Vietnam figures too. In the end I would like this force to be at least Platoon strength as I plan some games of Stargrunt. 


  1. Very nice;y done mate. I've eyed up some of these for Star Port gangsters.

  2. VERY nice!

    Heh, personally, for a nice twist, if I'll do my own "browncoats" I'll mix in Rim Mercs with WWII Soviets in Greatcoats... And maybe also Soviet Partisans.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys. I am also thinking of adding a few cold war Soviets or similar. I expect the AK47 design or variants will still be used for centuries to come.