Sunday, 11 May 2014

Yet more 15mm Sci-Fi Goodness

There has been quite a bit of 15mm work going on here this week. I only managed to get the Rogues gang finished but there has been some vehicles and terrain completed. 

A Barricade. Another bitza from left over bits from my 28mm Hexagon Platformer sets. 

Citizens of many frontier world's make use of small all terrain vehicles for getting about. Definitive Colony Systems (DCS) build the Mule which has proved popular with the colonists. 

The Mule is a toy from a Kinder Egg repainted. 

The colonies and frontier worlds have many old vehicles laying around. Many are on their last legs. A few are rusting heaps of junk abandoned and forgotten. 

This truck is a cheap toy from a mining toy set. A quick repaint and it's ready for the tabletop. This is to be used either as a vehicle or a terrain. 

Are you located in a Remote Station? Need a rugged transporter to haul supplies? Then Definitive Colony Systems (DCS) has the answer for you. You need the DCS Rover. Rugged all wheel drive, traction control, powerful hydro-electro motors, bouncy suspension, fancy braking systems, cupholder,30 billion song digi music system, lots of transport space, optional fluffy dice...Yes the DCS Rover is the Vehicle for you!!! 

The DCS Rover....

The Rover is a Matchbox Vaniom toy. I glued the wheels up and gave it a repaint. 

For £1.50 I cant complain. Shame the supermarket had sold out of these when I went back. 


  1. Nice vehicles MBG. The weathering has made them look suitably grimy and post apoc. Excellent work