Monday, 26 May 2014

The Souljackers

Me old mate on Twitter, Jay (@souljacker1974) has been up to his old tricks again. Another mystery parcel landed on my door mat. In it I found these three superb figures and a 1/76 Sherman Tank kit (more on the Tank kit in a later blog post). Cheers Jay. I owe you a few scoops of Fungus Beer and a Rat Kebab. 

Jay sent me some details of the characters he had created too. But before we get to that I have decided to band Jay's figures together. Introducing The Souljackers. 

The Souljackers are one of the many gangs serving under the Warlord of the Republic of Dan. The Warlord likes this mob as they have plenty of firepower to keep the hordes of mutants back. The Souljackers look forward to being deployed to fight off the invaders from over the mountains to keep the Republic free from the clutches of civilisation and protect the secrets of the ancients hidden in its Wastelands. 

First Up: Brian & Jay's own words. 

Brian is a vacuum sales man by day in the wastelands offering a quality service from his nukem and suck em vacuum cleaners they get the entire house clean in seconds all bar a few bricks but he keeps trying to go legit by night he hunts out radical mutants applying the law with his boom stick. 

Colin by day looks after small animals at his radioactive pet shop he luvs his dogs. By night he is a door man at the 3 tited  mutant bar up town keep in the peace with his 50 cal machine gun called "Joker" he unwinds at the end of the night by having a dance off Maria the 3 tited mutant toad. They are also best mates and like nothing more once a month getting together to form their Abba tribute act. 

Next up: 
So eric started the whole new romantic scene after the war but like all ways a old fad is hard to take off he spends most of his time campaigning for the safe waste of unexploded bombs hence his blue hair. By night he is a private detective and will hunt any one down for a price when he has a night off he likes nothing more than going down the club and listing to sum classic new romantic ballads oh and eric would love a crisp white ruffled shirt just like the good old days but makes do with his rag tag one he has....

The whole Gang sp far: 

Jay's Cork Base effect looks great and hats off to the man, his fluff is great. Thank you once again Jay! :-)

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  1. Great looking gang. I do like the look of those GW Cultists. I shall have to snap some up for something.