Sunday, 11 May 2014

Planet Wolfden:- The Rogues

The Badland's is a semi arid region of Planet Wolfden over run with villains and bandits. The region is a nogo for  the planet's Authorities. Like the Outback it is littered with wrecks of Pirate & Freelancer vessels that where involved in the battle to free Wolfden from the Pirates over 100 years ago. Many of  these wrecks are home to all manner of scum who often use the ship's surviving (and ageing) arsenals to keep the the Authorities at bay.  

Wolfden has many legends of lost pirate and freelancer loot laying in various (allegedly) undiscovered wrecks across the world.  Another legend is that the allegedly "merchant" McNulty who founded/freed the world was a ex pirate and he had hidden a secret stash of loot. This attracts adventurers to Wolfden who seek quick riches.

Deep in the Badlands lays the wreck of the Rogue, an old pirate Corvette. This is used as a base for a bandit gang called "the Rogues". The Rogues pull raids into Wolfden City and the Space Port. 

The Rogues - Raiders. I cant find this lot on the site so I am not sure if they are OOP.  

Some Rogues are making off  with some loot. This duo is one of the reasons I like this set. The guy on the Right wears the Rogues icon of the Red Skull. 

The Rogues prefer fast strike vehicles to make their raids.This example is unarmed so the can enter Wolfden City or Space Port. Armed vehicles are not allowed into the city or space port. 

The car is a toy from a Kinder Egg. I added new rear wheels from another toy. 

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  1. Nice find I have a pretty cool smart car from a kinder egg perfect for a recon vehicle with a bit of work.

    Lovely job on the figures as well they all look great.