Monday, 26 May 2014

15mm Sci-Fi WIP

During the last couple of weeks I have been a 15mm sic fi obsessed mad man. I have been flitting between figures, vehicles and terrain. So I thought I would treat (???) you all to a glimpse into what is happening with the 15mm stuff on the workbench. 

Many years ago a game using hot wheels cars called Axles & Alloys got me back into the hobby. My old Dark Future game also reared its head during this period.  I picked up some odds and ends to make terrain. Then the 28mm bug hit when I discovered my old 40K RT figures in a box. 

While routing through the stuff to make pile I discovered this gem. This watch tower is 1/76 and came with a WW2 German AT gun and a cottage. I was only interested in the cottage back then. But this tower (and the AT gun) will find new life with my 15s. 

I was happily surprised that the 15s fit it nicely (in the background there is the Wolfden Security Force in mid paint). 

I need some scatter terrain so I knocked together a supply stash, Liquid (Water) storage and a couple of oil drums. 

Out on the border worlds water can be difficult to acquire. Often Water Extractors are used to pull moisture from the atmosphere.

Made from a pile of old electronics caps and pen top. It needs more detail adding. 

I stole the wheels off a cheap 4x4 toy. I still had the body so I built a grav patrol car. 

The grav units are handles off cheap razors. I need to figure out how to make the bases for this. I don't like grav vehicles flying high. They should just skim about half a meter off the ground. 

My mate Jay also sent me a 1/76 Sherman Tank kit. I had to build a grav tank...

Its an older pattern vehicle and sports an early plasma cannon. These old vehicles are often found doing the rounds on frontier and border worlds. 

The Sherman needs filling and armour plates adding. Again I am looking at ways to make a base so it looks like it is hovering. 

Then there is the old matchbox helicopter. This as become a flying Grav VTOL. The Grav unit above it enables flight. Some sort of engine/propulsion assembly is needed. I am debating if I should arm it or just keep it as a transport. 

Inspired by the old Unreal Tournament 2004 team computer games I thought a Power Core would be in order. 

This power core is WIP and requires a lot more bits and detail to finish it. Then I need to figure out how to make smaller power nodes. 

Not displayed here is a Colonist Cargo Transporter (repainted Matchbox truck), Browncoats Patrol vehicle (converted Matchbox truck) and a 4x4 transport truck for the Rogues (converted Hotwheels pickup). Then there is the Hex platformer buildings, platforms and landing pad I have built. 

Speaking of my old car combat games I discovered a load of old hot wheels cars I had for conversion and my old bits box of items which will work well on 15mm models. The madness is about to get worse!! Muh-huuu-huuurrrrr!!!

I am also wondering how Dark Future cars look with 15mm figures.....


  1. oooh I am liking the razor blade handles, very clever that!

  2. Love the Grav Tank Fan Dabby Dozy!