Sunday, 4 May 2014

Planet Wolfden - 15mm Sci Fi

I have recently decided to keep going on my 15mm Sci Fi stuff. I decided to put everything on a single frontier world and develop my collection around this world. 

Introducing Planet Wolfden: 

Wolfden is a semi arid independent world that is a trade hub for many other colonies and frontier worlds. 

Wolfden was partially terraformed when it was discovered and had the accolade of the furthest colony from Earth. During the terraforming process Pirates moved in and used the world as a base. Years later the arriving colonists got a nasty surprise and were never heard from again. The Pirates named their world "Wolf-Den". 

After Earth's destruction (see the Wild Galaxy background) there was many new colonies further out than Wolfden and the Pirates became a real menace. A rich "Merchant" (rumor has it he was a Ex-Pirate looking to settle down) hired a small fleet of Privateer & Freelancer vessels to rid the sector of the Pirates. 

The Privateers launched a surprise attack. A fierce battle followed and the worlds surface has many wrecks from this fight. The surviving pirates fled. Soon after the liberation of Wolfden a colony was formed becoming fiercely independent and the  rest is history. 

Wolfden has a Space Port, a Capitol City, the Desert Region (the Outback), a Star Ship Junk Yard (Hullscape) and the Bad lands. There is also shallow seas, small forests & jungles and small icecaps. 

More details of this world will be released as the background grows (read as my demented mind dreams it up). 

In the Outback there is a nomadic group of known as the 'Mad's who raid everyone who crosses their path. The 'Mads claim that they are the descendants of some of the pirate crews of Wolfden and claim that Wolfden is rightfully theirs. 
The 'Mad's are Arid World Warriors. 

West of the Spaceport lies a Starship Scrapyard known as Hullscape. These ships are old transports that were converted for carrying colonists and supplies. They were on their last legs and the colony founders bought them for a one way trip to Wolfden. 

The ships were kept for parts and scrap. Hullscape is a nightmare maze of rusting passageways and dead ends. It wasn't long before the authorities lost control to the gangs. These gangs are known as Skrappers. 

The Skrappers are Post Apocalyptic Warriors. 

I was pleased at how quickly all of these figures painted up. The sharp eyed will probably realize that this lot can also be used for Post Apoc. I am hedging my bets on this figures, just in case I decide to go to 15mm on all my collection. 

I have also been working on a couple of bits of terrain for 15mm. The only one I have finished is this Colony Building.

The building is made up from small spare bits of Hexagon Platformer kits. 

The ribbed bits make good windows I think. 

There is more 15mm Factions & Terrain to follow. 


  1. Great looking factions and backgrounds for them. The building is a great looking scratch build!

  2. very nice story and well factioned planet. To follow...