Friday, 20 June 2014

Souljackers Crew - New Members

Welcome back to my humble blog. I have a busy weekend ahead so I am trying to get ahead on the blog updates. 

Once again my mate Jay has been at it again, generating characters for the Souljacker's crew. I suspect that Jay has got addicted to the fun of creating wacky characters. Who hasnt been there? 

On to the two new (and final) additions to the Souljackers Crew using Jay's own words..... For me it one of the fun aspects of the hobby.

Dave Souljacker: 

Dave in the old world before the apocalypse was a fine actor. He was a stunt double for the T1000 also had a small role in short circuit as the kettle oh and don't for get he also starred in Inspector Morse as the lamp stand . However in the new world he will take any job and kill any thing with his neon scythe. Dave is a brutal killer but most of all he just wants to be an actor he is part of a 6 man crew called the Souljackers    

Kev Souljacker:

Kev had it all before it went tits up staring along side Roland rat portraying a gerbil even though he is a rat. He had his own sewer but now he strides across the waste lands looking for truth, justice and the ratty way. Kev is a master with the meat cleaver and will f**k you up. He has a green tuft of hair from all the toxic sewer waste. Kev also has a taste for toxic nappies but that's the rat in him I suppose. Kev is the last member of the Souljackers.... for now ???

The Whole Souljackers Crew

Coming to a Wasteland near you!!!

They are quite a motley looking crew. But then that is one of the joys of post apocalyptic gaming...anything goes. No rule books with lists dictating what you can or cant have in your force. 

Once again I have to thank Jay for painting & donating these figures to my collection. He has made a lovely job of the bases too. I think I will be pinching this idea. Cheers Jay, I owe you a few pints and a greasy kebab! Or should I say Rat on a Stick! 

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