Sunday, 8 June 2014

More 15mm terrain bits.

Just a few more terrain bits for my 15mm bits.

First up a Landing Pad....

Built from Hexagon Platformer sets. I had to add a couple of strips to the ramp to stop the figures from sliding down. 

Next up... a Hab building. 

Another Hab building. This one is built from bulkheads found on the many Star ship wrecks scattered across Wolfden. Solar panels looted from ships provide power. 

Its another Hexagon Platformer build. Isn't it funny? I haven't touched them for years and now I cant get enough of the sets. I have them and I am determined to use them up. 

The other side. 

More 15mm stuff next week. More terrain and vehicles.

Thanks for looking! 


  1. nice use of Hexabuilder. i have tons of them too, but can get them used easily with 28mm

    1. I used to use them for 28mm and I still do. My plans is to make plenty of permanent structures for the table top. :-)