Sunday, 8 June 2014

Cyberdan Corporation

My Wild Galaxy setting has many corporations operating in Human Occupied Space (less than a quarter of the Galaxy). Some are omnipresent across Human Space being found almost everywhere while others are limited to a Space Nation or a single system. As Wolfden is a trade hub many Corporations find it opportune to operate a depot on the world which the Government takes advantage of with Corporation Taxes. 

Introducing the Cyberdan Corporation.

Cyberdan is found across many worlds and is famous for producing Robot, Robotic, Cyberkenetic and Android systems. Whilst the Corporation likes to use fully automated systems where possible it still needs some human interaction. Those canny corporate Executives have found a way to save money by using Combat Engineers to provide a mix of tech support and security across its bases.  

Cyberdan operates a Depot out in the Wolfden outback. 

Cyberdan Combat Engineers. They often have fire support from grav sled mounted Autoguns (another Cyberdan item). 

The Combat Engineers are Black Hat PLA (Sci Fi Chinese) figures. 

Cyberdan employs lots of Robots too....

The Corporation makes many combat robots as well as utility bots. Cyberdan loves its Security bots to be of the intimidating large and Stompy variety. Robot are plastic EM4 robots. 

The whole Cyberdan Crew.

Cyberdan has recently equired about buying large areas of the Wolfden Outback and have been looking at the planets building regulations. This has the Wolfden government worried. What is the Cyberdan planning? 

Cyberdan is inspired by the Hyperon corporation from the Borderlands 2 game. 

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