Sunday, 8 June 2014

Rogues Transport - 15mm truck.

The Rouges gang run all manner of contraband to and from the Wolfden Badlands and the Space Port. 4x4 trucks are normally used. 

These trucks are armored from scrap metal and bits found on the old Pirate wrecks found across the planet. 

The truck is a stripped hotwheels car with Armour made from plastic card and rhinestones. It was gutted and a open back added for storing loot. The Wheel & window Armour is putty. The cupola is a M6 washer and the gun is a pistol from a EM4 Combat Zone plastic ganger. The blanket rolls on the sides are white metal items from the Scene Miniatures. 

The truck needs a cupola gunner. I think a order to Ion Age may be in order soon...

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  1. Another excellently done vehicle buddy. Nice one!