Sunday, 8 June 2014

Wolfden Security Forces

Its been a couple of weeks since my last post. Last weekend was my Wife's birthday so I was spoiling her. I am back now. I am still on my 15mm buzz. 

Planet Wolfden uses a colonial militia style force to enforce the planet's Law & Order called the Wolfden Security Forces (WSF). To the denizens of Wolfden they are know as the "Enforcers". They are a volunteer force recruited from the populace and are equipped in a pretty basic fashion. 

They are armed with pistols, shotguns and good old lever action carbine rifles (supplied by Wolfden's very own Arms Company:- Stevo's). The WSF police Wolfden city & the Space Port. They also mount patrols into the Outback regions. WSF Enforcers rarely enter the Badlands as they often find themselves outgunned by the bandits who live there. 

 The figures are GZG Colonial Security & Police. 

For patrol work the WSF are equipped with old Grav Cars. These are armored and armed with weapons which gives the WSF more bite. 
The Grav car is armed with a LMG and a roof mounted autocannon. This car started life as a cheap Chinese knockoff  Hotweels buggy. I pinched the wheels for another model (one of the good things is that these cars are screwed together). I made the (primitive) Grav units from the handles of cheap razor blades. 

The Armour is plastic card recycled from old gift cards.The heavier Armour are small rhinestones. The bumpers are from plastic tube. Auto mesh makes up the grills. The guns are 1/35 SMG & Bren Gun. 

This was a fun little build that I learnt a lot from. The base is a bit of a pain. I drilled the hole too large so I am using bluetak as a filler. 

The WSF will be a growing force as I want to add extra squads and vehicles in future. 

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  1. Great job on the security force and the scratchbuilt hover car! They all look great mate.