Friday, 20 June 2014

15mm New Vehicles

I have been busy knocking up some vehicles for my 15mm forces of Planet Wolfden. 

Definitve Colony Systems presents the Camel. The Camel is a All Wheel Drive transporter that is a must for the resupply of your colonial settlement on some far flung world on the edge of Human Inhabited Space. 

This is a repainted Matchbox Truck. It is supposed to be some sort of Dinosaur Transporter. A quick paint job and it makes a great supply vehicle.

Vehicles play a big part in patrolling the bad lands and  Outback regions of Wolfden. The 24th Browncoats like tracked or wheeled vehicles. The Scout is a open top light vehicle which probably started life as some sort of colonist transporter. The Browncoats have added extra armor and a twin machine gun. This vehicle can carry up to ten including the crew. 

The Scout also carries a 60mm missile launcher for extra punch. The open top of the truck allows me to add figures to it as needed, although the gap is very tight and it takes a wiggle to get the figure in or out. The Scout is a Matchbox Safari Truck and comes with all the groovy equipment as standard. 

I have many many more vehicles to chop for the table top. More to come...

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