Sunday, 12 October 2014

Introducing the Gangs of Boxfort

I have been cobbling some gangs together for my modern Post Apoc from my collection. First up the Enclave of Boxfort. 

Boxfort was founded in a wreck of a cargo ship that was washed inland and marooned by a tsunami during the apocalypse. The survivors and crew got quickly organised looting the shipping containers that had also been washed inland. Soon they had built a fortress of these metal boxes and had access to all manner of supplies and equipment. This included an arms and equipment shipment destined for some country far away. All this made Boxfort a superpower in the local wastelands. What use are shotguns against assault rifles and machine guns? 

Above is the Boxfort Guardians. This crew guard the walls and gate. They also provide the Bossman with muscle to enforce law and order within the walls. 

The minis are a mix of old (OOP) Hetzerdog Babylons Burning, EM4/Grenadier, (OOP) Grenadier, Copplestone and Kallistra. 

Skull's Scavengers
Skull's Scavengers  (or just the Skulls) are Boxfort's scavenger crew. These guys head out into the ruins to locate supplies and bring them home. The Skulls benefited from a hulk that drifted into the estuary which was carrying a large consignment of old Russian weapons. The hulk had been drifting since the Apocalyse. Who knows where it came from? Boxfort boarded the hulk and ran it aground near by (which now serves as a home to the Rusties gang). The Skulls will join the Guardians when Boxfort is threatened. 

The minis are from Lead Adventure Miniatures. 
Doc Cosmic's Crew

Old Doc Cosmic (he isn't a real Doctor you know!) is Bossman's right  hand man  and is Boxfort's trader. This mob serve as his security. You wanna trade, then you better behave. As this lot are his boys they are equipped with quality weapons. They some times go beyond the metal walls to find something "special" for Doc Cosmic. Like all of Boxfort's gangs they offer support when the fortress is threatened. 

The minis are Paurdulon's Ragged Mercenaries. Doc Cosmic is a converted EM4 trooper. 

Maxies Girls

Maxie runs the Red Light Bar and Brothel in Boxfort. The world's oldest industry is still around. Scavengers and traders pay handsomely to visit the Red Light. Maxie keeps a close eye on the girls and punters. Besides you don't want to cross these girls, they are armed and dangerous. Like all the gangs in Boxfort, Maxies Girls offer support when Boxfort is threatened. 

Minis are a mix of (OOP) Amazon Girls with guns, Foundry, GZG, Malfuix and Foundry. 

There is at least one more gang to add to this Enclave. I would like to add a couple of figures with SA80 rifles and current British military kit. 


  1. Awesome looking gangs. Do you need any SA80 armed figures?

    1. I have some Empress figs as a start. There is also a pile of Wargames Factory plastics which have SA80s. :-) Why do you have some spare?

  2. Great looking gangs and very cool back stories.

  3. That's a force to be reckon with. As Bob said, the backstory is really great.

    1. Thanks, the backstory started with a map of the area. Then added the damage from the asteroid strikes, Tsunami and of course the later flood damage as sea levels rose. I figured out what was left and where it was likely that survivors would gravitate to. The rest just fell into place and a creativity to find reasons why Post Apoc UK has so many AK47s. lol