Sunday, 26 October 2014

Old Rivalries - Batrep

Setting:- After the end.

Location:- The ruins of Liverpool city. 

In the ruins of Northern Liverpool there is a parkland that lies between two rival gangs. Each holds a small portion of the park which they use for growing crops and drugs. The rest of the park land is a no mans land. 

After many gibes and minor scuffles the Toffees challenge the Kopheads to a fight. The winners get the prize. The Parklands. The Kopheads choose the location some ruins away from both of their bases.   

Objectives: This is a straight up scrap. Winner takes all and get the bragging rights. 

Rules: Warlord 2085/Skank

The battlefield. 

The Toffees deploy. 

The Kopheads deploy. 

The gang is much larger then the Toffees Crew. They deploy a second gang. The Kopheads are determined to win this fight. 

The Toffees advance through the ruins. The guy on the far fight has a assault rifle. Toffee hopes this will give the gang an advantage as the Kopheads are mainly armed with pistols and shotguns. He is expecting the other gang to pull some sort of dirty trick. 

One bunch of Kopheads move along a flank hoping to get an advantage of their bitter enemies.

 The other mob move along the other side of the road. 

The Toffees keep moving forward getting ready to engage the Kopheads.

The guy with the assault rifle  remains in position getting ready to give some covering fire to his comrades. 

The Kophead mob on the left side of the street move alongside a ruin hoping to flank the Toffees. 

The mob on the right hand side are split as the rubble and wrecks hinder some of the mob's movement. 

The assault rifle fires on full auto (Burns the Clip rule in Skank) hitting two of the Kopheads. The survivor of the mob panics. 

Toffee opens fire with his shotgun as a Kophead appears in a doorway. The ganger is thrown back from the blast. 

The Kopheads and Toffees charge forwards. Melee breaks out all around. The Toffee ganger switches out the magazine in his assault rifle nervously eyeing the three gangers crossing the road towards him. 

The panicking Kophead runs away. 

Street fighting! 

The Toffees move around the ruin. Toffee engages a Kophead. An Kophead with a SMG moves to get a clear field of fire on the other Toffees. 

Toffee finishes his ganger. The Kophead fires his SMG hitting one Toffee. The other Toffee finishes him with a well aimed pistol shot. 

The Kophead's leader "Stinky Bob" knocks his Toffee down and the is comrade is also successful in his combat. 

The gangers close on the guy with the assault rifle. Meanwhile two Toffees engage Stinky Bob. A luck shot wounds the Kophead leader. 

Toffee gets into hand to hand with a Kophead whilst his comrade moves into the open looking for a target. 

The Toffee yanks the cocking handle on the assault rifle. The weapon spits death at two Kopheads felling them. The remaining Kophead fires his crossbow the bolt bouncing harmlessly off the ruins. 

Stinky Bob is on the rampage knocking two Toffees over. Toffee quickly dispatches another Kophead.

Toffee rushes forward at Stinky Bob and the two grapple. Meanwhile the ganger with assault rifle realising his weapon was empty rushes forward to attack the Kophead before he can reload his crossbow. 

Toffee defeats Stinky Bob. 

Both the Toffee and the Kophead fall to the ground in mortal combat each wounding each other. 

Victory to the Toffees. They get the parklands and can grow more provisions. 

Three of the Toffee's Crew are okay after the fight, one is seriously wounded and one is lightly wounded. There has been only one death from this encounter. 

The Kopheads had one guy flee, there is three with serious wounds and four okay for the next fight. The gang suffered four deaths. 

The Toffees need some extra bodies in the gang. The Skank rules show how deadly automatic weapons are. It pays to remember how they can turn a game around.