Monday, 13 October 2014

The Stanleys

I have now introduced you all to the two enclaves featuring in my After The End setting. Now for some gangs. 

First up is "The Stanleys"

The Stanleys is a random band of survivors that found a part ruined mansion, parklands and farm on the Northern Edge of the ruins. It didn't take them long to arm themselves from the mansion's and farm's armory. One guy even tried to modify a suit of armor. This band quickly fortified their new home. 

They kept the farm and parklands going as best as they could and survive on crops. The gang has also managed to keep some dogs, horses, chickens and goats alive. There is even a emaciated cow providing milk. 

Stanley (center) and his butler to his right. This lot fancy themselves like old lords of the manor. 

The gang survives by trade of fresh produce with boxfort in exchange for canned supplies, animal feeds and ammo. Boxfort also offers some security in terms that the Stanleys' turf lies in the Northern ruins so it is unlikely that the Scouseland protectorate will try to take the farm from them anytime soon. 

The Stanleys have problems with rustlers trying to steal their animals. On top of that there is also an area of feral infested ruins to the West and Eastwards they have to contend with roaming wild dogs and lions that escaped from a Safari park.