Sunday, 19 October 2014

Psych Ward - After the End Gang

Time for a new gang from the After the End setting....

Introducing....Psych Ward. 

Minis L-R Hetzerdog Babylons Burning Ghoul (OOP), EM4 Cop, EM4 Savage, EM4 Street  Person, Mongoose 2000AD Wasteland Desperado, Hetzerdog Babylons Burning Ghoul (OOP) & Amazon Minis Girls With Guns (OOP).  

Psych Ward is a gang holed up in what was a maximum security hospital for the criminally insane located North of Boxfort. It is not clear how many of the gang where inmates or security of the hospital before the end came. What is clear is the gang are hell bent on raiding everyone who comes within range. They have become a thorn in Boxfort's side. 

The hospital is a fort and it wont be easy to remove the gang. Thankfully access to automatic weapons and pistols is limited to the gang. There is a large amount of swamp land and a river that splits Boxfort's turf from the grounds of the hospital.


  1. I won't go camping near these crazies...

  2. You know you're in trouble when you meet this lot! Great work.

  3. Just the right amount of crazy, well done!

  4. Check out these new figs!