Monday, 13 October 2014

Introducing the Scouseland Protectorate.

Time for some details of my other Enclave from the After the End setting. 

Introducing The Scouseland Protectorate.

The Scouseland Protectorate started life in the train tunnels under the city center. Many fled there during the Asteroid storms that destroyed the world. The survivors huddled there found a door in a tunnel not far from a station. After breaking it down they found an entrance to a secret WW2 Bunker. In there they found stocks of equipment from when the UK was at war with Germany.This inculded an arsenal of WW2 era weaponry and a almost prehistoric Vickers machine gun. In addition some thoughtful soul had added some (limited) supplies of Cold War era kit in case the feared Nuclear War ever happened.

The faction became known as the Westies, a name taken from the old Bunker that had proved their salvation. The faction emerged after 6 months and ruled the city center ruins. They even had hostile contact with Boxfort's Skulls. The Westies then sent a envoy to Boxfort who demanded that they hand over the complex and supplies to the "authorities". The warriors of Boxfort laughed long and hard that day. Boxfort's Bossman ordered the envoy and his escorts shot, but shot to wound. They where hauled inside,disarmed,treated and sent back to Westie with a simple message- Don't make enemies of Boxfort. 

Things where frosty between the factions but trouble with gangs and raiders kept both factions away from all out war.

In the third year the sea levels started to rise and the tunnels began to flood. The Westies found themselves without a home. Sayle lead them to a small camp to the South where they could set up home. There on the banks of the Mersey Sayle looked at the past and renamed the faction "Scouseland" in honor of the lost past.

One day not long after the faction had relocated a vessel came up river. It was loaded with "Aid" supplies from Boxfort and a offer from the Bossman. It was simple. Boxfort would rule the Northern ruins and Scouseland the Southern.  The city center would be a neutral buffer zone. 

The Scouselanders - a typical Scouseland force using a mix of WW2 and cold war era kit. The guys perform security and scavenging duties. I am now waiting for the Ay Ay Ay jokes! ;-)

I wish I could ID all these figures but they are conversions from when I had my Stalker kick a few years back. There is Artizan, Westwind, TAG, Copplestone and Warlord in there.

Scouseland started to farm some nearby park land. Anything spare they traded with Boxfort for munitions. In the last 12 months the Enclave has expanded to take in two more parks in the south city ruins with an aim to farm them too. 

Sayle has his eyes upon expanding further into parklands to the South however there are reports of strange cultists in the ruins near that park. They have other problems on the edge of the city center to. A violent Satantic cult has taken up residence in the ruins of the Anglican Cathedral which is stopping Sayle's people having access to the City Center and the trade route to Boxfort.  

There is more figures to come for this Enclave. 

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