Monday, 28 March 2016

Blood & Fire - Daisy Nuke

Hi and Welcome back. 

Introducing Daisy Nuke.....

Out in the Wastelands of my Blood & Fire setting lies the fortified township of Wellsprings. Wellsprings relies on locals and hired guns/drivers to defend it from the marauding wasteland gangs. Daisy Nuke is one of these hired Road Mercs. 

Daisy drifted in one day to earn parts, food or water at the Wellsprings races. After some success she was hired by the Mayor to help defend the township. Since then Daisy has become a bit of a celebrity at Wellsprings. 

Daisy likes to ram target vehicles. Whilst the cars are locked with the spikes she likes to hit the target with the flame thrower.

The Daisy Nuke car is a old Hotwheels Gremlin racer. It was built during my last Axles and Alloys binge a few years back. The car had a machine gun removed, the paint touched up and some extra dirt. 
Daisy Nuke has a heavy rear bumper (I hope she doesn't mind me saying this) which helps protect the car during rear rams or in her other trade mark moves of the reverse ram/slam on ram.

The Gremlin car is a great car to use for Post Apoc as it large bumpers and looks like something from Fury Road or Road Warrior in its stock form. I got this car second hand in a job lot of HW cars. The aerofoil was bent and adds to that Post Apoc look I think. 

All I need to find now is a suitable figure for Daisy Nuke in 20mm scale. 

Thanks for looking. 

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