Saturday, 12 March 2016

Stranger and his dog.

Welcome back to my humble blog. 

Every Wasteland needs a wandering anti hero doing good possibly for his own gain. If like my Blood and Fire setting vehicular insanity is part of the fun then your Anti Hero needs to be some sort of Not Mad Max. 

In this case it is The Stranger and his dog for Warlands by Aberrant games. 

The Stranger is up for hire in a Wasteland near you....I look forward to getting him into trouble in a few games soon. 

The car is a die-cast by M2 - nice 1/64 cars that size up well with Hotwheels. M2 cars are more detailed and have rubber tyres on the wheels. This car came with several spare wheels which have gone into the spares bin. The cars can be split easily as they are held together with screws. The downside is M2 cars cost a lot more than Hotwheels or Matchbox. 

The stripped car. I look forward to getting this car converted. 

Thanks for looking. See ya on the roads! 

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  1. The stranger and dog looks fab mate. The car promises to make a good chassis to build on.