Monday, 28 March 2016

Road Warrior Car - Finished

Hello and welcome back. There will be a bit of post bombardment as I catch up with the odds and ends I have been doing in the last week or two.

As you may recall from previous posts, over on the Post Apoc Wargames forum the Warlord's 2016 challenge is to build a post apoc vehicle. Take a look and join in! Look here.

For the Challenge I have been working on making a Road Warrior Car for my Blood and Fire setting. To be exact a rebuilt Fury Road variant of the Interceptor. In the fill in the gaps graphic novel Max rebuilds a Interceptor from bits he scavenges or wins in contests.
Since the last report work has been slowly moving forward in the painting. I am glad to say that the car is finished.  

The not Max figure is The Stranger from the Warlands range by Aberrant Games . 

The tank and blower are items from Warlands. The resin stowage and jerry cans are made by Fields Of Glory and are intended for 1:72 WW2 Allied vehicles. 

The exhausts are made from 1mm brass wire bent to fit. 

 I am not too happy with the scratch made front panel. However this is the rebuilt wasteland (Fury Road) version of the Interceptor so I wont lose sleep over it. 

This was a fun and interesting build for me and I have learnt a few new techniques for future post apoc car builds. 

Thanks for looking and stay safe out there.