Monday, 28 March 2016

Blood & Fire - The Scorchers Gang

Welcome back to my humble blog. Yet another Blood & Fire post.

Introducing The Scorchers gang.....

The Scorchers gang got their name from their preferred vehicular weapons - the flame thrower. The gang maraud in the wastelands around the borders of Civilization and have been known to range as far as the territories held by the Warlord Blackskull. 

These cars came as a HW pack of themed cars, in this case Scorchers. Both cars had been converted years ago and received a recent update. Both cars got flamethowers made from bead tubes and the small thrusters off a 1/72 space station kit. The Rod has a putty made enclosure for the flame thrower. The other car got a bumper off a scrapped car and window armour made from putty. 

The Rod's tank is made from a fuse and the fuel pipes wires. The eagle eyed amoungst you will notice that the car has a flamer nozzle on the sides. It wont do to get too close unless to fancy burning in your car. 

The other car's flame thrower assembly is an 28mm GW Space Marine shoulder pad. The car got crash bars around the wheels and reinforcing straps on the body. 

All the metal straps on these cars are made from putty. The luggage is from 1/35 WW2 figure webbing/belt pouches. 

The Scorchers are at a starting point and will need more vehicles added. I have no idea what 20mm figures to use for a gang of auto pyromanics. I am open to suggestions. 

The next gang I am re-working is Autoskum. Keep watching. 

Thanks for looking and see you on the roads!