Monday, 28 March 2016

Wasteland Wondering -

Hello and Welcome back  to the chatty part of my blog. Firstly let me wish you a happy Easter, what is left of it. 

In this Wasteland Wondering I will be showing some 20mm car WIPs, chatting about stuff in general and some future project ideas. 

It has been a rough few weeks here. My Lady and I have been poorly with the lurgy that is rampaging around this part of the world. Irritatingly it has stopped me getting my motorbike ready for the riding season. It is mainly servicing work but it needs doing. We even missed the Wirral Egg run a couple of weeks back. 

Of course the time off has allowed me to do a little hobby stuff. Here is a couple of cars I am currently working on. 

This police cruiser is getting reworked to become the ride for the Sherriff of Wellsprings. It is very much a WIP. The ram plow is from Ramshackle games. 

There is also this Trans-Am. I have stripped the paint. It took ages and I don't think I will bother again with stripping the paint off cars in future. 

I was thinking about making this car into a salute to the Bandit from the Smokey and the Bandit movies. 

But this car may also make a good gang pursuit car. 

The tombstone rear plate is a resin part from Ramshackle games. 

My hobby plans is to one day go to smaller scales for everything. 15mm for SF and 20mm for Post Apoc. My main reason is storage. My 28mm figure collection must number into over a thousand with over a hundred vehicles. If anyone has seen my game reports then they will know that I am a terrainaholic. I love my tables to be crammed with terrain. My small box room where it is all stored is choc a bloc with stuff and down scaling would help solve those problems. 

The other issue is setting up games. Smaller tables makes life easier. I bring the stuff down stairs to game. A 3 x 4 foot table will take about seven trips up and down the stairs to set up a game. 15mm takes 4 trips with the same sized table. A 6 x 4 table in 28mm can take over 10 trips. After the game I have to then re-transport them back up the stairs. 

Then there is the time savings of painting the smaller scales. 15mm also allows more junk building than 28mm. 

As a result I will be starting to sell off parts of  my collection soon in the hope to make space. I will start with the stuff I don't need. Then the Sci-Fi. The 28mm post apoc will be kept for now. There is a few figures and terrain I wont be able to part with. My Heresy Not Firefly Crew, Rogue Trader era Orks and some of the odd ball figures in my collection. But then if I can shrink them down into a couple of boxes I can live with that. 

Terrain will be checked to see if it can be converted to 15 or 20mm easily. Some bits will be kept and others sold on.

Now lets look at Utopia city. I had an idea to use my SF troops in the city as house troops. Stealing an idea from Necromudia I thought about introducing Nobel Houses into each city sector. This will allow me to use other figures in the setting. Then I realised that I plan on selling my 28mm SF off. 

As I am going to go to 15mm for SF my warped mind thought it could do this in 15mm in the Wild Galaxy setting. A friend (thanks Dicehead) has donated the 15mm not Judges by to my lead pile. 

Instead of a mega city how about a metropolis world with the Mega City one sprawl covering at least two continents. One continent could be a space port which the world relies upon for vital food supplies. The other continents could be wastelands that have been over worked for vital supplies. 

Like MC1 and Utopia it would be split into sectors and sub divided into blocks. Not all blocks would have massive buildings on them. Some would have three or four stories buildings on them. There would slums and some industrial sectors too. This city could also have a undercity/hive bottom/sump like Mega city 1, Utopia, Necromunda or Futurama.  Each sector would have a noble house who could make trouble for the gangs and Magistrates/Enforcers. The Space port would make a place for gang/house raids or visits to the world by adventurers or smugglers. I have a not Firefly crew in 15mm that would be good for these offworlder visits. 

That is what I am  thinking about at present. I hope this Wasteland Wondering has been of some interest. 

Thanks for reading and Happy Easter. 

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