Saturday, 12 March 2016

Wasteland Wondering

Hello and Welcome back to my blog. 

Wasteland Wondering is where I ramble on about life, ideas and inspirations. 

In this Wasteland Wondering I will be discussing a few ideas and catch up with my hobby status. 

Hobby wise I have been working on more cars for my Blood and Fire setting. The Scorchers gang is the focus at the minute. 

I am also working on 20mm Warboys converted from Italeri Frontier Indians. They hit a full stop when I realised I didn't have wire to make the boom sticks. Drilling the plastic hands proved to be difficult. My green stuff putty seems to have gone off. It will not stick to the figures when I was trying to sculpt goggles and scarves on the figures. Hopefully I will have a gang to show soon. 

For the last two decades, one of my favorite ideas for a Post Apoc town is in an Industrial site. Think about it. Many are the size of towns or cities. They lie beyond the boundaries of the destroyed towns and cities. Survivors will flee the mountains of dead and an industrial site would provide vital shelter. Industrial sites also have facilities to allow survivors to rebuild and survive. Of course it depends on the site as to the extent of the facilities.  It seems that some authors think along a similar vein with such sites becoming townships. New City in the Toxic World novels is based in a warehouse facility on docklands. 

Regular readers of Wasteland Wondering will remember me discussing a faction/township based in a Airport a few months back. Whilst waiting for various bits of tech to wake up at work I started to redefine the idea in my head. Instead of one central controlling faction the Airport could be home to several rival gangs. For them the site is the world. Beyond the Airport is a world of scavenging. Each gang would have its turf and the gangs wage war for control of the scrap piles and wrecks. There would be a neutral ground where trade can commence and news exchanged. 

During the day and my lunch time walk I dreamt up seven factions. Each gang will be equipped with mainly home made close combat weapons. There may be the odd home made crossbow, shot gun or revolver in the gangs. There will be no automatic weapons. One gang will be lucky enough to have a couple of rifles. Another gang will control the airport's fuel stores. They will be argumented by home made flame throwers and incendiary bombs. Ammo would be limited and recorded in the games. This idea would make a great wargame campaign setting with gangs trying to rule the roost. 

I was recently reading a novel called Hood (a good read by the way) which featured a Post Apoc setting in the USA. One idea in the novel is a UN aid camp trying to help the refugees. A couple of years later the force is still there doing it's job. A UN force is not an idea I have ever considered in a post apoc setting. Would they stay on mission hoping for relief? Would they try to get home, join a local warlord, set up a township or work as mercenaries? It is an interesting concept and I think those blue helmets would look  great on the wargames table. 

That is all for now. Thanks for looking and take care out there. 

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