Sunday, 23 December 2012

Engineers of the Wastelands!

More from the vaults....

The post apoc world is kept clattering along by the efforts of engineers, mechs and other tinkerers. Every settlement has at least one. In some places there are groups of engineers and other specialists who make their living trying to rebuild the world and make life a little easier for everyone. It doesn't always work like that though.....

In a hidden valley the Wasteland Engineering and Construction Company have a set of factories that was once an old industrial estate. Old Isenbard Brunell leads them and hopes to rebuild the glories of  the old world. 

The mini is from Ramshackle. I chose the hand with a walking cane/shotgun/handcannon. Sadly the weapon snapped in tow - so it had to be a sawn off. The figure is nice to paint and I enjoyed painting it. This is my first attempt to paint up metallics in grey tones - not too sure it worked. 

These guys are big on close combat as they are more concerned with building and fixing stuff. They are known to hire bikers as mercs. This is because they are usually good in a fight and pretty handy with the old spanners. 

A scavenger patrol from the Wasteland Engineering and Construction Company (WECC) discovered a pile of wrecks a bit further up the valley from the WECC's factories and foundries. The wrecks seemed to be the remains of a military convoy that had been ambushed during the end war.  Brunel soon stripped them and got one working vehicle out of them. 

They call it the Grinder. It is used as a bulldozer and mobile workshop. The vehicle packs enough firepower and presence to keep most raiders away from WECC construction sites. 

Now there are also some wandering engineers on Mattblacks world. The Stunty Engineers clan. 

These guys wander from place to place trading thier skills for food, fuel and materials. The minis are GW RT 40K Squat Engineers Guild. I love these minis and they are some of my favorites. 


  1. Great stuff! Are these new additions or are they part of your existing PA collection? Either way they are fantastic, very flavorful figures.

    1. Thank You for the kind comment. These are part of my existing collection. I aim to try to add something regularly from the archives to keep my blog interesting.