Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The Frozen Wastes.....

As not much is going on here hobby wise I thought I would plunder the vaults for some eyecandy to keep you good folks entertained. As it happens I discovered something a little seasonal. Mattblackgod's world has a Frozen Wasteland (inspired by the Metro2033 book/computer game)...filled with scary mutants and ice. Lets go take a look. Oh yeah...dont eat the yellow snow!!!

Across the impassible mountains of ice lies three cities, four small towns and several small villages, hamlets, industrial sites and farms. 95% of these lie in ruins. All of them lay frozen under a layer of ice and snow. Many places are contaminated and dangerous. If the toxins and sub zero temperatures dont get you then the many mutant beasties will. Generations of survivors live underground in what was the basements, sewers and transport tunnels of the towns and cities. Others live in special strong-points from before the end above ground that survive the cold temperatures.  Due to the ice and snow each town and city is isolated from each other. 

In the City of Stuvansant many stations have joined the ranks of the Neo Soviet Communists. Supported by a SOS Bunker they try to bring the whole of the under city under their control. 

Here is a Commissar and Officer of the Red Army. 

The minis are Westwind Soviet Survivors from the Secrets of the Third Reich line. 

Under the city of Danniograd lies three stations of power and knowledge. This place is known as Civvie (taken from the word Civilisation) and is rumoured to sport real lighting. Civvie maintains its position by employing special Warrior-Scavengers known as Stalkers to keep back the mutant threats and bring supplies from the surface. The go up top in specially made insulated and armoured Hazmat suits. They are equipped with heavy SMGs as standard and one in this group sports a minigun to keep the starving hordes of mutant beasts at bay. 

The minis are Clix Frogmen repainted. The guy in the middle was modified to carry a minigun from a EM4 trooper heavy weapons set. 

Up near the mountains a old mutant witch wanders. This Psyker is dangerous but is happy to help those communites who help her. Sadly many places turn her away in fear and her robot attacks whilst she melts some minds. She puts fear in all mutant beasts and seems impervious to the conditions of the Frozen Wastelands.

Trader Claus moves from place to place trading his goods. Her wears a special armoured environmental suit that is said to have come from a wrecked space craft. Old Claus doesnt notice the cold and a high tech energy weapon keeps the mutants and bandits at bay. Rumours say he is from a lost SOS Bunker far to the North which makes the supplies he trades - helping keep the survivors of the Frozen wastes alive. 

The mini is a GW/Citadel Limited Edition Space Santa from back in '88 (I think). I have had this since then and picked it up in a bargain bucket for 50p. 

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