Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Frozen Wastes 3:- The Technocrats

The Technocrats.

A short time after the orbital bombardment of Matt Black's world a platoon of elite troops stumbled upon a SOS Bunker in the City of Atromograd that was manned with a 10 man (largely female) skeleton staff. Quickly the tired and injured troops moved in and the Commanding Officer took control of the Bunker. 

During the dark years that followed the deziens of the bunker became bitter about the technology that had destroyed the planet (99% of the population of MBW are unaware of the Orbital Bombardment and think it was a rival faction of the war that launched the attacks). The leaders of the bunker soon came to the decision that Humanity cannot be trusted with Technology. 

The Technocrats set out to seize what technology they can. The technology is then checked for purpose. Weapons of mass destruction are destroyed and reused in positive ways by this strange pesduo cult. 

The Technocrats grew in size thanks to the healthy females in the SOS Bunker. Soon they had set up bases in the Cities of Danniograd and Stuvansant as well as a few other bases across the frozen wastes. 

The minis are old VOR Neo Soviet Vanguard. 

The guy with the crudely painted yellow shoulder pad is a officer and the one with the three blue/green bars on the shoulder pads is a Sargent. 

The Technocrats use agents to infiltrate various settlements and seek out like minded people. If they pass certain small tests they are invited to join. Upon entry into a Technocrat base they have to perform a perilous mission to see if they are good enough.  If they pass they then receive training and have to survive a second mission. After this they are awarded full membership armour and weapons. 

The Technocrats are one of the few factions with bases above ground - usually old military strongpoints. Some chapters have access to old pre war APCs which saves on boot leather and mutant attacks. 

The Technocrats are inspired and based upon the Brotherhood of Steel in the Fallout universe. 

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