Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The Frozen Wastes pt4 - The landscape....

Whats the point of having the figures to play in the Frozen Wastelands if there is nothing to act as cover or objectives? Here is some of the terrain I made for the project. 

The plinth on the statue is from Ainsty Castings. As it lay sulking and forgotten at the bottom of a box I decided to reuse it. I stuck on a Haloclix mini and added some steps to the bottom from cork tile. I painted the clix grey and painted the snowy bits white. 

Vallejo water effects was used to make the icicles. When dry it goes clear and makes great ice. As it is a paste is can be applied and left - however hanging ice will be more of a problem. The model then got three coats of GW snow flock to get that deep old snow look. The plinth was given a very light drybrush of white to give the frosty frozen look. 

Oh look - its a um...thingy!

The Thingy was originally meant to be some sort of Sci-Fi vent for Neromunda. It languished in my half finished terrain pile for years so I thought to give it new life. 

The Thingy is made from a sytrofoam cup you get salads in with take away meals and a piece of PVC pipe. I added lots of graffiti and posters. After gluing it to a CD base I added the ice the same way as the statue in the previous post. After basing the white paint was added next and then lots of Snow Flock - three coats to get the deep old snow look. 

Who knows what the Thingy is? Maybe its just a vent for the metro tunnels beneath? Or may be there is a lots SOS Bunker under there? Or a secret military facility? 

Some smaller bits for the frozen table....

Some odd hatch manhole thingy...I wonder where it goes? I bet it is to the tunnels beneath the city! 

A bit of oddball frozen wastes terrain with boulders and odd looking standing stones. 

All told I love making this terrain but its time consuming. I find you have to make it normally then apply at least 2 coats of the snow flock to get that deep snow effect. The icicles are made from water effect resin and take a age to drip down the models and then set. I want to do more....I must be mad!!!


  1. Very festive mate! (also some darned good ideas which I'll be stealing for winter scenery!)

    1. Cheers! The insane winter a couple of years back inspired this project. Feel free to borrow ideas. The mat is those cotton wool christmas mats every where sells this time of year. I wouldn't recommend it a figures tend to sink into it any seem a little unstable. I am thinking a cheap white sheet as a gaming mat with white spray paint over it.

      Rustbucket's figures are chunky and have that 10 laters of clothes feel. So I will be adding these and possibly the GW Vahallains to this set. Minature Mojo's Scavenge skirmish figures also have a nice cold wasteland feel to them. I am thinking of getting some.