Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Frozen Wastes pt 2.....

The Frozen Wastes are a dangerous place. The creatures that rule the topside of the ruined cities are tough. Opening the Hermetic Doors to the Stations runs the risk of swarms of mutants gaining entry to the Station and the tunnels beyond. Often Stalkers will return to the above ground station entrances with hungry mutants hard on their tails. The rich Enclave that is Civvie counter this by use of a walking tank made from scraps of metal and old train parts. This follows the Stalkers out and waits inside the station entrance. This gives much needed firepower - the flame thrower is very effective at driving the mutant beasts off. 

The "Tank" is deployed in the tunnels when Civvie is threatened. Its armour is thick enough to counter most of the armaments carries by bandits or rival factions. 

The mini is a Metal GW Space Ork killer kan that has been sitting about on my desk for ages waiting for me to do something with it. It sports the rising sun of Civvie - the light of Civilisation and Reason in the new dark ages. 

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