Sunday, 9 December 2012

Wasteland Static - chatter

Its been a while since I posted anything up here. I had a computer crash losing a lot of game and background related material including a quite a bit of reference and WIP material. All my photos are gone too. Thankfully Photobucket has most of them. 

Of course there is real life too. A new job and the looming silly season have stopped all hobby activities. Hobby stuff will resume some time in the new year. Still it gives me time to dream up new madness for my collection. If I am lucky I may get a game or two in. Whats the point of having all this cool stuff if I never play with them? 

In the mean time I am drooling at some Santa minis as I fancy a bit of seasonal madness for a change. I still have to try getting a few games in for 15mm before I decide to collect more. 28mm is still a dream scale for me so 15mm has a lot to live up to. 

I do have some new minis to review by a Post Apoc Forum member. There is also older items from my collection to add here. If I get time I may get some pictures of my old Dark Future stuff. Got to keep you post apoc fans drooling! 

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