Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year!! 

2012 has been a busy year hobby wise here on MBG world. Early in the year I dipped my toe into VSF (Victorian Science Fiction/Steampunk) as a break from my usual Post Apocalyptic madness and made up forces for the British, Prussians and Martians. I hope to add more in 2013.

I also made up a entire Martian table for VSF games on Mars.  The terrain mat took me about three weeks!! There was a few Sci-Fi buildings, lots of post apocalyptic terrain and a Sci-Fi jungle which I hope to use for a British Post Apocalyptic game set in the 1980’s and for VSF on Venus. Then there was my Post Apocalyptic Fortress built for the 2012 challenge for the Post Apocalyptic Wargames forum.  (There will be a new challenge for 2013!!!).

Miniatures wise I have cobbled together several Post Apoc gangs, VSF factions and even managed a Sci-Fi Star ship crew too. I also managed some 15mm minis too. 

It wasn't all good though. I lost a lot of my background notes to MBW when my Mac died (they lied when they told me that they don't crash or wipe their hard drives for no reason! Grrr. I should have them all impailed or thrown into the mutant pit!). On the plus side this gives me a clean sheet to start to restructure MBW. Imagination in warmup mode!!! 

So what’s the plan for 2013?? 

Well more of the same. Lots of terrain ideas knocking about and some new toys. Looking at my toy pile I have decided to head down the Frugal route for minis and gaming this year. Besides their is nothing quite as satisfying as converting or building stuff from scratch. 

One big thing I want to do is to get more games in. I hardly played last year. A few games of NY3K and that was it. I also want to see how 15mm plays before I make any further decisions to head down that road. 

Speaking of NY3K, I am writing some add on rules for the game which I hope will be available next year (I also lost those in the crash too so its rewrite time...again). 

I am fighting the desire to try some 20mm stuff. I blame that Xander guy over on his blog!!! :-P 

I plan on adding some gangs for the Frozen Wastes using minis by Rustbucket (a review will follow) and a great Xmas haul (thank you Mrs Mattblackgod!! xxxx) has enough minis for a new Liberty City/Wastelands and to start the conversions for my ‘80s Brit post apoc setting. Some VSF and other Post Apoc will be getting done too. There are some 15mm figures in the to paint pile too. 

So there is nothing more to say than Happy New Year!!! 

I wish you all a joyful and prosperous 2013.