Sunday, 18 August 2013

Eating Out in Utopia City starts here....

Every big city needs places to eat out. This model was going to be a diner but for some reason I was inspired by my favourite restaurant in Liverpool (which looks a lot nicer by the way!). 

So for the denizens of my fictional city, the best Chinese food! Only the best for them. 

Again the model is made from 5mm Laminated Cork Floor Tile. I had a problem with the build as the wall by the door fractured. A emergency repair was made and its virtually invisible. The sign above the door is Chinese Characters for Mei Mei. I would have tried hand painting it but I am not to confident of doing a good job. The signage is also done on a printer. My Comic Life 2 program has proven useful for this. 

You cant escape the Graffiti in Utopia City. Again some more Twitter handles. However some Father Ted and Firefly references have crept in. The tiger picture is actually a rub on tattoo transfer. There is even a fly poster from a friend who makes terrain. 

Around the back more graffiti. The Scorpion is a temporary tattoo transfer. Again the Chinese sign is printed (it says No Parking in case you are wondering). The grill is a resin piece by Zinge Industries. I highly recommend Zinge for resin bits. Quick delivery too. 

Yet more graffiti. More temporary tattoos and Twitter/Firefly references. There is also some Kevin & Perry and Metallica references. 

The roof is simply corrugated cardboard on a balsa wood frame which acts as a support and frame to fit into the building. The roof lifts off for inside play. The Air-vents are push pins for notice boards and the smoke stack is a pen top. The roof looks a bit graffiti stark...I think the yobs of Utopia City will be climbing up there soon. 

Who knows one day I might be inspired to fully detail the interior.  

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