Sunday, 11 August 2013

Tonker's Quest - Batrep.

Apologies for the lack of comic layout and my usual detail in my batreps. I have had little time and my camera has decided not to keep the pictures in the order they where shot in. I knew I should have programmed the date into it. Grrrrrr! 

Rules used: - Nuclear Renaissance 2 by Ramshackle games with home brew Scav & encounter tables for the campaign. 

Each force was as near as I could get to 650pts.

In Asylum City the word is out the Princess Vali is looking for more weapons for the Fortress’ armories to aid the city (well more of a small fortified town/post apocalyptic dive) in the ongoing mutant wars. She will pay handsomely for decent weapons and equipment. 

While in the Glowing Lamb Bar a shady character sells a Stalker named Tonker a map. The map is said to be one of Sham’s - a famous wasteland walker who lives at the fortress. 

Tonker looks at the map and soon finds at least two locations not to far away that might have some decent loot. The nearest is some place of the ancients that had warriors in flying machines (if you can believe the guy who sold him the map) lived. A little further on there is what was a base for ancient warriors. If there is anywhere the Stalkers can find cool weapons its at these two locations. 

The ten miles to the airfield are a dangerous slog but it passes without incident. 

The airfield. 

The Stalkers arrive and view the gate to the airfield. 

They spot some movement in the distance....

Some Scavengers....possibly from Scav Town. But why are they this far south?

Upon spotting the Stalkers the Scavs spit up. Some head to the dug out while others charge towards the Stalkers.

Tonker splits his team of Stalkers up. 

He intends to flank the Scavs on each side and use the two rifle men to keep the Scavs pinned down. 

The Rifle bearing Stalkers take first blood.

Tonker and his Stalkers push on down the fence and a fierce fire/arrow fight ensues...

Battle for the gate...

Despite the injured Stalkers Tonker wins through...

Meanwhile the flanking Stalkers and marksmen aren't doing to well. Mitzi faces down the Scav leader but her SMG jams. The Scav leader blasts her with his heavy pistol. 

The Scav leader takes pot shots at the Stalker riflemen keeping them in a panic. They recover and manage to crack off some shots at him causing him to dash around some ruins in an attempt to flank them. He runs straight into the Stalker called Meathead. Screaming Meathead charges the Scav leader swinging his pole weapon made from an old lamp post. 

The Scav leader is no match for the close combat experienced Meathead. 

"That's for Mitzi you snecker!" Meathead spits. 

Meathead then pushes down the other flank taking out a hiding Scav wielding a home made spear made from an old yard brush. 

The remaining Scavs armed only with bows flee the battlefield. 


Mitzi is dead and two Stalkers are injured. They will miss a game. 

In terms of haul the airfield only yelided some gas masks, filters, a NBC suit, a old uniform, a smoke grenade, four combat knives and some fuel drums. 

The dead Scavs yeilded better kit. Mostly shotguns and pistols. At least the pistol armed Stalkers now have shotguns. Tonker has claimed Mitzi’s SMG. 

The injured Stalkers have been left holed up in a safe spot in the Airfield and the loot stashed. Tonker decides to push on to the old Army base as it is only three miles away rather than drag the injured back to Asylum City. At least if the loot is better there they may have better weapons if something unpleasant attacks them on the way back. 

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