Sunday, 4 August 2013

Asylum City Campagin & Background to the world.

Here is some background to a campaign I am running. It gives some more details to the world at +100 years....

With Utopia city evacuating various parts of the Brittannia wastelands things changed. Some survivors from Brittannia bunker city made their way to the colony under the command of Lord Blackdaggar. Blackdaggar renamed the colony as New Albion and they continue to thrive trading fresh food with the Brittannia Corporation (founded by Britannia survivors) in Utopia City. New Albion makes a fair profit as fresh food sells for a premium in Utopia.  

Three other groups of Brittannia survivors made their way into the wastes. One headed North and formed Nu-Caledonia on the borders of Pictsie land. Another headed into the Nukadonia mountains and have not been heard from since. The last fled across the wastes over a thousand miles to Liberty City. 

Meanwhile the Mutie Men vanished. No one knows where. 

The mutants in Mutantchester angry at Utopia for not taking them lashed out at the mixed normal/mutant community at Trashford. The humans are kept as slaves. It did not stop there. The mutants joined forces with Milton Hole to the south and have a small kingdom. 

They attacked Vali’s fortress and where pushed back. However Analfield fell and is now a mutant outpost in the boneyard. Gladys town still exists but is under constant attack from the mutants. Mutants also use the Mutie Man camp of Noggsie as a outpost. 

Skraptown lost the Skrap wastes and depressing ruins to the mutants. Skrap town is a fraction of its size in a small fort which is run by a man called Skull. The mutants also hold the Iron Tower Boneyard to the north. 

The Pictises and Nu Caledonia  have pushed the mutants back out of their lands despite their allies the Blue Skull Trogs mysteriously vanishing before the mutant uprising. 

The mutants have split the Sunfall coasts and Nukadoina from the Keininnie Mountains. The town of Laird, Copperhead and the Secret Vally have proved too strong for the mutant hordes. Doom Vally was attacked as the stabilised mutants there (the Vermen & Smoggers) are not regarded as true mutants. Since pushing the mutant hordes out of Doom Vally the Vermen & Smoggers have formed an alliance with Laird and Copper head. 

Vali’s Fortress has grown in size from Brittannia refugees and further refugees from the mutant war. The fortress now has a small fortified town surrounding it. This incorporates an old pre war mental hospital (itself a fortress) and the town has become known as Asylum City in the surrounding wastes.

Asylum city has a problem. No supply chains to Laird, Copperhead and the Secret Vally. No new weapons or machines. The ruler (Princess Vali) feels that they are poorly equipped should the mutants strike back. She has put up hansom rewards for Stalkers and Scavengers to bring her weapons.  

Her right hand man Sham is currently in the wastes on a secret mission to secure weapons and new allies. 

Meanwhile in a bar in Asylum City a old map finds its way into the hands of some Stalkers. The seller assures them that this map is one of Sham’s and has places where some good loot is to be found. 

The lead Stalker, a guy called Tonker gathers some goons and they head out for riches and loot. 

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