Sunday, 18 August 2013

Apartments for rent at Paradise Towers!

New to Utopia City? Why not rent a luxury apartment in Paradise Towers? Less than one murder per apartment guaranteed with the added bonus of less than one burglary per week (no pets or mutants allowed). People are dying to live in such sought after accommodation! 

This is a new apartment building I have been working on for Utopia City/Urban board. 

The building is made from 5mm thick Laminated Cork Floor tiles. Now while a lot of people love them as a material I am not fussed. I found it a paint to cut through. One thing I did learn was to cut through from the laminated side as it produces cleaner cuts. 

The edging bricks are made from self adhesive OO/HO paving slabs. They don't stick that well and many have been held in place with a spot of suer glue. 

The side. 

The rear. The damn door keeps falling off. I left it that way as it adds a certain urban look to the building. 

Some extra graffiti on the other side. My wife inspired some of this (she is a big Everton supporter). 

The roof. The graffiti took me a while. It took me as nearly as long as the build! There is a favourite song lyric in there and a couple of twitter handles of friends on twitter (I have overused my friends handles from the Post Apoc Wargames forum. So I felt a bit of variety was needed). 

More Twitter handles and a odd one or two I have made up. The aircon vent thing is the cap off a Liquorice Sherbet Dib Dab tube. 

More Twitter handles. The pictures brings up strange yellow marks which cannot be seen on the model normally. I may need to touch up some of the paint. 

I did not take pictures but the roof lifts off and each floor as a little balcony so figures can be placed at windows. 

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  1. Very nice mate it looks good. I've never used cork tiles but it looks quite effective.