Sunday, 18 August 2013

The Pictises - Post Apoc Tribals.

This little gang has been expanded since they where first showcased in my old webpage. So I thought it was a time for a little update. 

This little gang was inspired by the excellent Grenadier/EM4 Tribal sculpts and Terry Pratchett's Nac Mac Feegles. 

The Pictsies Clan are a gang of fierce warlike Tribals from the Northern forests and mountains of the Brittannia Wastes of Mattblackgod's world. They have distinctive red/orange hair and their bodies are covered in blue war paint and tattoos.

The Pictsies have a odd mutation (or perhaps Evolution to survive the Wasteland conditions?). They are stronger and tougher than normal humans. Pictsie Warriors are fearless too. This is probably due to the fact that they believe that they are already dead and this is some for of Valhalla filled with Fighting and Drinking. Ballistic weapons are used for the fun of the noise they make but in general the Pictises love close combat where they excel. 

The Clan often raid trade convoys between the settlements of the South and are a constant pain to the new settlement of Nu Caledonia. The Pictsies also dislike the Mutants that seem hell bent on conquering the Brittannia Wastelands. The Clans often attack foraging Mutant Warbands for sport. 

L-R - A converted Historical Briton (Combat Zone Ganger arms), a Plastic fantasy barbarian, A converted Grenadier/EM4 Bodyguard(Kilt, Sporran and hair added), Grenadier/EM4 Tribal. 

L-R Converted Grenadier/EM4 Tribal (Skull pole removed and shotgun sawn off), Grenadier EM4/Tribal, GW Necromundia Ratskin, Void Junker Beserker. 

L-R Grenadier/EM4 Tribal, Grenadier/EM4 Converted Biker Chick (Kilt & Sporran added), Grenadier/EM4 Tribal, Void Junker Beserker, GW 40K IG figure. 

The Picties believe in equality and their women will fight alongside the men often more fiercely. Only the clan Queen/Matriarch (Sheela Na Gig) does not enter combat. 

Figure is a Grenadier/EM4 Tribal. 

The hills of Pictsie land are also home to a fierce mutant known locally as "Haggis". These critters will eat anything and will attack anything foolish enough to stray close to them. The Pictsies have been know through some strange art to herd the Haggis towards enemy positions. 

Sadly I cannot remember where I got these minis or who makes them. 

The Pictises are one of my favourites of my collection. As you can see my painting of tartan has improved as time has gone by. I probably will add more figures to this gang in future. Maybe some Celtos figures or Warlord Celt conversions. 


  1. Nice work, the beasties look like mutated fry guys from Mcdonalds!

  2. Cool stuff! I think the plastic Barbarian is from the Warlock of Firetop Mountain game?