Thursday 22 August 2013

Sprue Cutters Union #5:- My Philosophy

This weeks Sprue Cutters No5 is to talk about our philosophy when it comes to model making. 

So what is my model making philosophy? I have read about the other Sprue Cutters philosophies here: 

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I can see the passion in accurate historical model making. The research and attention to detail. I have to admit that I went through a period of being like that myself when I made historical dioramas & kits. 

However I have always considered this my hobby and didn't care too much when people has things like the wrong markings on a vehicle or uniform. This is there hobby too and they do what makes them happy. I do get a bit irked at obvious things like modern uniforms or kit turning up in a WW2 setting. I have even got wound up at hollywood for the wrong vehicles or vehicle chassis in some WW2 movies. But Historical is Historical it has factual details. However if its a Historical fantasy then I wouldn't care. 

These days my philosophy is one of anything goes. I mainly make Science Fiction/Fantasy models these days any I tend to make or do what makes me happy. Creativity is the key and historical just doesn't allow my imagination to run riot.  

I have been making models for a long time and I am still learning. My skills are still developing. I do not consider myself to be above the advice of others and I am always open to constructive criticism. 

The other thing I tend to do is encourage others in their model making. Even if its just a kind word. If I can give advice or constructive criticism I will, assuming they want it. Just because some one has made a model that isn't very good by my standards, its theirs and their effort. We were all like that during our first steps into model making or miniature painting. Being negative wont help any one. Nor is it my place to judge what they make or how they make it. With time their skills will improve. Like many hobbies it needs new blood to help keep it alive. More people building models, collecting miniatures and tabletop gaming the better for all. This has been one of the main philosophies behind the Post Apocalyptic Wargames Forum of which I am the owner/head moderator. 

So to sum up my philosophies are: 

  1. Anything goes. Creativity and imagination are the key. 
  2. Its everyone’s unique hobby and they do it for pleasure. Its not my place to detract from that. 
  3. Always be open to advice and criticism from others. 
  4. To encourage and help others in the hobby with a kind word, advice and constructive criticism. 


  1. Well put, especially the "anything goes" bit. Right on!

  2. Totally agree bud, your modelling has a character all of it's own, and I love reading what you've done next. Always something new!

  3. Thank you for the kind comments. :-)