Thursday 15 August 2013

Sprue Cutters Union #4: My FML Moment

The theme of this weeks Sprue Cutter Union blog posts is My FML Moment....

Or what is the worst and most painful parts of the hobby for me....

See what the other Sprue Cutter Blogists have to say about their worst hobby moments....

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I am surprised that non of the Spure Cutter Union mentioned me as the worst hobby thing that has happened to them!! ;-) 

I have seen all the pain listed on other Sprue Cutter Union blogs...the losing parts to the Carpet Monster, glue fingerprints, handling a paint job that is still wet, snapping a part as you remove it from the sprue, bits breaking off a model and so on....

This hobby gives me so much joy & pleasure I cant really find anything  that gives me a cause to complain.  I have learnt that anything can be made better with time and skill. Adapt, Overcome! Mutate and Survive! I am a great one for modifying things so when it goes wrong I make do. My wife doesn't let me work on the car for this should see my motorbikes....

I guess my main problems are Kits that do not fit together, although making post apocalyptic & Sci Fi models has its advantages here. If thing go too wrong the bits box awaits to pull the from the brink or to retire it for a future build.

Then there is the curse of the cat hair. No matter what I do I always end up with a cat hair stuck someplace. I love my furry devils but they do make this hobby difficult especially when they take an interest and decide to "help". lol 

I suppose my biggest problems are space to store my models and time. Work is always getting in the way of hobby time. lol. I shouldn't moan too much as it funds my hobby....maybe I should do a Lotto Winning dance this weekend?? 


  1. First, I am going to be doing the Lotto Dance this weekend so back off!!!!!!

    Second, yea I can agree with you on the post. I think one of the worst demons for me also is fur, but of the dog type (we have a Basset Hound), his fur gets pulled to the plastic (I figure due to static charge perhaps) or the glue or paint on a figure before it dries...

    I have several times dropped stuff on the floor and the carpet monster...later I had tile (white tile was nice as grey showed up nicely), I have wood now, the grey still is a bit hard to find due to the light and darker colors. Plus small parts scatter, so sometimes I find stuff in between things scattered about.