Monday, 6 August 2018

Helsreach Pt 2 - The action

Hello and welcome back. In this blog post I am going to show some of the action from the Helsreach table at this years BOYL show. Again this is going to be picture heavy. Enjoy the fun.

Day One:

I took along Shadens Brood which is my old Shockforce Gothrats with a couple of converted Skaven. I found some homebrew rules for Skaven in Necromunda. Here we see them riding around looking for loot whilst Radiation Bob and his body guard look on with disgust ("I remember the good old days before dratted rat men went joy riding about town"). Looking back I should  have split them across two transports.

Shadens Brood dismount and go chasing loot to sell at the Market.

The Juves (Squeekers) load the Transport as the other clan members look for trouble. Shaden fancies picking a fight with Bazza the Chaos Champion on top of the Statue. He had been shooting at the Brood after all.

 Meanwhile the beasts rise up to fight everything. The Dunger herd stampedes. 

The sand worm pops up in town looking for a snack. 

A outlaw runs into town. The Brood line up to give him a broad side....successfully missing with every shot.

The Dunger herd thunders into town.

 The Brood wisely run out of the way. 

The Brood have shoot up a rampaging bug. The returning mob ram the Dunger herd killing a couple. 

The Dungers attack the Brood from behind as they stare jaw open at the large bear that has just eaten a Helsreach citizen. Local animal enforcement sends a cyber hound into the fray and try to pick off angry Dungers.

Three of the Brood are down whilst the cyberdog distracts the Dungers. Sadly the remaining Brood member gets attacked by the Bear. Shaden arrives after a respawn to attack the bear (Bazza killed him). Animal control fires on the herd and their tank fires on Bazza on the statue. Bazza is hurt and teleports into the wasteland.

Meanwhile another Brood member bribes a angry  monkey with some Monkey nuts forming an alliance to take the head up the statue. After all Bazza is out of town. 

The Brood in the transport load up the dead Dungers to trade at the meat market. Meanwhile Shaden and the other Rat man was ripped to bits by the angry bear.

At this point I had to leave the game to take my poor suffering Wargames Widow for a nice meal.

Day Two:

Outlaws deploy in the wastelands 

The locals don't look too happy. 

 The Squat  miners deploy in the market. 

 Outlaws roam about the wastelands bothering each other and collecting items to gain points.

The jet bikes assemble for the race. The blue one top right is mine.  

A closer view of Curtis' jet bikes (available from Ramshackle Games)

Under starters orders 

 The racers head to the gate.

 Through the gate and out into the Wastelands where many hazards await the racers. Sadly their was a lot of bodies around  the table so I couldn't get pictures of the course around the wastes.

 After screaming around the town the first  rider crosses the line. Another bike is about to run through the final gate. In the distance my bike is about to make the final thrust to the finish gate. It has just narrowly avoided the pile up on the last corner. But the has a penalty from the collision so cant be pushed too hard. 

The racers line up in the winners line up ready for some hot food from Sam n Ellaz and Rad Pizza. The first place bike is on the far right. My bike came in third. I should have thrashed the bike harder in the first and second turns. Not a bad result though. The winner was awarded a 28mm scale cup. 

The Jetbike race proved hugely popular and was easy to play with Curtis Fell and Adlan Baxter moving the bikes and working out hazards, penalties and damage. It was a slick race and a well planned game. It was good fun. Hats off gents. 

The Star Bastards arrived in Helsreach. It was a hugely popular game.This lot took a shine to the glowing lamb bar. Poor Moxie got sex pested by the hard up Star Bastards. Luckily for them Moxie is a professional and was in a accommodating mood. 

Some Star Bastards got into conflict with the locals.

Some Star Bastards ran rampage in the wastelands. Even Giggles clan were not immune to the Star Bastards affections.  

 More action mid town. 

 The market was busy

The Star Bastards raid the Glowing Lamb whilst the Squat Miners attempt to fight them off. Meanwhile the Star Bastards do not seem interested in the mutant man stood outside the bar.

 In other parts of Helsreach the Star Bastards continue to fight with the locals who are not too happy with the intruders from the warp. 

 A star bastards walker tangles with local law enforcement. 

It was not long until the warp pulled the Star Bastards back into its demonic dimensions. A rogue Imperial Guard detachment loots the wastes for points. 

 They form an alliance with the Helsreachers. They hope to reassemble the statue from under the watchful gaze of Bazza the Chaos champion. That guy was a real pain all weekend. 

The Helsreach factions team up to take the fight to the Outlaws. One gang is parked near the gate with the Squat Miners on the other flank.The Fatal Floozies gang rush up the street in two transports hoping to plug the gap in the defences. The turncoat rogue IG rhino is parked up at the foot of the statue. 

The girls arrive waiting to open fire on something only to find the rogue IG unit are outside the gate and the only things inline of sight. Meanwhile a cheeky girl steals a loot loaded truck to take to the market. 

The Squat Miners decide that they have had enough and drive out the gates screaming "Rat Onnna Stick!"

They take immediate weapon fire by lurking outlaws. The rolled out into the wasteland taking fire and they slowly got butchered. After this the outlaws climbed over the walls stealing the trade goods. 

I forgot to take pictures of the next part but a Fimir, Zoat and somesort of early genestealer beast rode through the gates. The Fatal Floozies laid down fire but only managed one wound on the huge creatures. Hand to Hand followed which saw the girls massacred. The outlaws who scaled the wall fired on the girls taking the girls out of the fight. Game Over for the Floozies. 

 These awesome assault mono wheels didn't arrive in time to game. Amazing models with boarding planks for getting over the walls.

I had a great time at the BYOL Oldhammer event at Foundry Miniatures. I met a lot of great people. Curtis did a great job of GMing the table. The guy is a natural at it and did a great job of controlling the chaos and encouraging people to join in. Curtis and his brothers models are amazing. All the pictures I have seen of his terrain over the years do not do these models justice. They have given me a lot of inspiration for updating my models and making new ones. I wish I was more familiar with Necromunda rules so I could stop asking questions and help Curtis more with the GMing of Helsreach. 

My terrain and townsfolk got a lot of complements over the weekend especially the Glowing Lamb bar and it's insanely detailed interior. I got a real kick out of the smiles Rad Pizza and Sam n Ella's generated. I also got told off by a young man who didn't like the fact that the signs on my Borderlands inspired arms dealer wasn't exactly as the game. He was a nice and chatty lad. 

I would like to thank the Star Bastards for tagging my terrain. It has added to the graffiti look of my models. Different hand writing and slogans. Good stuff,cheers lads. 

I would like to thank Foundry for hosting the event, Curtis for inviting me to help build this year's town and for the tips & inspiration and every person with a kind word for my models. Finally I would like to thank my long suffering wife for putting up with me and going along with me this weekend. 

Thanks for reading, stay safe out there. 


  1. Great pics mate looked like a cracking day. Foundry is an awesome place to visit as well.

    1. Tell that to my bank account. 😂😂 Well it’s rude not to buy something isn’t it? 😂

  2. That was just amazing on so many levels. Thanks so much for sharing it.

    1. Glad you liked them. It was a top weekend and it had fired me up to make new terrain.