Saturday, 18 August 2018

Rubbleborg begins.

Hello and welcome back to my blog. 

A wee bit more painting got done over the week. 

Firstly I have created a new township in the Wastelands. The town of Rubbleborg which sits in the rebuilt ruins of the post apocalyptic fortress town known as Vali’s Fortress. The fortress fell after the Utopia evacuation of the wastelands left it and other towns such as Skraptown short of manpower. In the years that followed mutant armies raised in the blasted ruins over ran the fortress. 

No one knows what really happened to the mutant armies but nearly 40 years later the place was rediscovered by Ivan B’sturd and his gang. He took up home in the ruin and began rebuilding. 10 years on and the fortress town is strong and prosperous. Many groups travel to the township to trade bringing more prosperity. Sadly prosperity attracts bandits and other wasteland psychos. The population is typical for the wastelands of Mattblackgod’s World and has a mixed normal - mutant population. B’sturd doesn’t care as long as they behave, pay their taxes and step up when the fortress is under threat. 

This is to act as a counter balance to the returned Brittannia city faction who are located over 80miles away on the other side of the Blasted Ruins. But that is another story. 

Anyway on to the figures....

Introducing the Mayor of Rubbleborg Ivan B’sturd. He runs the town, collects taxes, heads the merchants guild and is by far the richest man in town. The town’s people moan at him to get stuff done which he does eventually. He is bossy, nasty and sarcastic to the locals. B’sturd loves is souped up black car which he races around the township, like he owns the place (which he does). B’sturd has a secret war vehicle hidden under the town built from a old world school bus. It is rumoured that he is a distant relative of the Mayor of Helsreach on Logan’s world. 

The figure is a limited edition figure by Ramshackle games (Thank you Curtis).

B’sturd is followed everywhere by his bodyguard Boyle Oldhammer. 

Boyle Oldhammer is the Null Steersman figure which was the BYOL 2018 attendees figure. 

No township is complete without a religious nutter. Rubbleborg is no exception. They have the Oldhammer Doomspeaker who proclaims that old hammers are the best and newer hammers are not so good. 

The figure is a limited edition oldhammer figure by Ramshackle games (Thankyou again Curtis).

Finally (for this post) there is this strange mutant who lives in a hole near the outer wall. 

Alf as he calls himself eats rats and other small critters. He likes beer too. 

That brings my total up to 8 out of 100 figures painted. Only another 92 to go. 

Thanks for reading and stay safe out there. 


  1. Nice one Mattblack, only 92 to go!

    1. Thanks, I hope I get there by mid November. It is a good way to motivate myself to paint. I should hit some troop types to get the numbers up.