Saturday, 18 August 2018

More meat for the grinder.

Welcome back to my blog weary wasteland wanderer. 

Time to look at a few more characters in the wastelands of Mattblackgod’s World. 

At the time of writing I am retiring one of my older post apocalyptic factions, Liberty City. The figures I like have been kept and reworked to fit in with other places in the wastelands. So you may notice a kind of uniformity to some of them. 

Let’s get on with it shall we?

Brittannia Royal City has many Lords each having their own troops for defence of the realm. Below is Lord Stanley who also leads the Wasteland Trading Company. He is building his own empire of riches whilst spreading the power and influence of Brittannia. 

The figure is by Ramshackle Games. 

Back to Rubbleborg. Every township needs Law and Order. Rubbleborg has Sheriff Lawra who is a angry bad ass young lady. She is often backed up by her deputy D. “D for Death” D rumbles the huge mutant. Not only can he stop a brawl by simply standing in the middle of it, D sports a deadly triple barrelled hand cannon which is effectively 3 bell cannons strapped together. The weapon can cut down a horde with one blast. It’s presence on the street usually sees the street clear even when there is rioting. 

Sheriff Lawra is a old Warzone figure and Deputy D is a converted GW Ogre. Both characters are part of B’sturd’s original gang.

Defence of the walls is not been ignored. It is defended by Dunk, the watch captain and only full time member of the town watch. 

Dunk is a old Warzone figure.

The Guild caravan guards protect the shipments of various items from the guild’s interests (usually B’sturd’s interests). Beamish and his gang work the vehicles keeping a eye open for trouble. 

The Guild guards are Hasslefree Gyrmn. 

Brittannia has trouble. A old Vaultsys vault to the south of the city has spewed out raiders who call themselves “the Vault Vixens”. The Vixiens are a all female gang who raid supply convoys to and from the Brittannian wasteland colony of The Shires. 

The figures are Nu Necromunda Eshers. There numbers are a couple short after wasteland big cats killed them. In the real world my cats where doing a wall of death around the room and one leapt onto the paint table snapping the girls off at the feet. They can’t be repaired easily so are in the bits box. Who knows they may get some cyber legs or similar in the future.

The Vault Vixens where finished weeks ago so don’t count to my painting challenge total. The other figures being reworked & touched up from a older faction don’t count either. There is still 92 to go.

Thanks for reading, stay safe out there. 

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  1. Really cool to see so many different lines mixing up this well.