Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Turf Eviction - Radlands game.

Hello and welcome back to my blog.

I thought that I would share the first play test for my own home brew Post Apocalyptic sci fi skirmish rules “Radlands”. Note these rules are far from being formalised or ready for release. 

Out between the western edge of the Blasted Ruins and the town of Rubbleborg lies the settlement of Piean. Piean is ruled over by the Warriors gang. Today a runner entered the settlement saying that the nearby ruins had been taken over by Vermen. Strange humanoid rat mutants. 

Not happy about encroachment on their turf Brock gathers his warriors and they set out to evict the squatters. 

Starting positions for testing the Radlands rules...

Let's get readdddyyyy to rumble!!

The Warriors win initiative.

First blood to the Warriors. One  of the brood is down. The only one with a decent ranged weapon.

The brood have spread out to stop the eviction from Warrior turf. Shaden the Brood Lord lurks. 

The Warriors fan out while most of the brood go onto overwatch waiting for the humans to get close enough to shoot at. What weapon fire there is misses everything.

The Warriors keep fanning out. 

Brock the Warriors’ leader takes out a brood member. More shooting hits another brood member. The brood firing is ineffective again with shots missing. More Brood move forwards to maintain the line with Shaden their leader.

Shaden jumps a rookie taking him out. 

On seeing the Brood leader in the open Brock opens fire. He hits twice but fails to wound. Shaden takes 2 shock counters. 

Vutch moves forward to protect the Brood Lord firing his auto pistol at Brock. The hail of bullets all hit him. Brock is down. The rest of the gang takes a bottle check. Many fail. 

Turpin who stays cool spots the waiting brood member with a chem thrower in the crater and lands a frag grenade on him. Shredding the rat man. Nice shot. 

The rest of the brood surge forwards killing a panicked warrior.

Flowers opens fire with the machine gun shredding Vutch. Shaden shakes off his shock (spends 2 action points). Having a leader perk means he has one more action point which he uses to move into cover. 
Another rat man moves forward and open fires on Torchi. Torchi passes his deep breath test (recovery from bottling it) and flips up his flame thrower toasts the rat. However more rat men swarm forwards and engage Torchi in hand to hand combat. Sadly Torchi goes down. 

Turpin rounds the corner and gets a shot on Shaden. Shaden shrugs it off but gains another shock token.

Things are hotting up. Shaden fires at Turpin downing him.

Red Dot turns the corner and gets a shot on Shaden causing another Shock token. 

Meanwhile Flowers gets jumped by a brood member and slaps the rat down. Another brood member soon follows. 

Koch passes his deep breaths test and pops out from behind a pile of rubble to take out a Brood member lurking over the downed Torchi.

The last 3 turns where fast and dirty. All remaining fighters pass their lowered number bottle tests (fighters are down all over). Flowers went down in close combat. Red Dot and Shaden exchanged fire. Shaden takes a bullet in the exchange. In a fit of rage Shaden charges Red Dot and they fight it out. 

Meanwhile the remaining brood member got tired of Koch shooting at him (and missing). Snarling the Verman charges Koch. Koch side steps and crushes his skull with the but of his assault rifle. 

Red Dot betters Shaden and stabs him. Shaden goes down. 

Warriors win with 2 men standing. The Brood are evicted from the Warrior’s turf. 

Follow up...there is no follow up as that part hasn’t been drafted yet. The same thing applies to points cost formula, vehicles and other goodness. 

The game highlighted a game mechanic that needs fixing. Or re written for clarity. As usual a load of edits came out of it and a few new additions. But the game played well enough and was fun. 

Keep a eye open for more.

Thanks for reading and take care out there. 


  1. The Vermen won't take over the PA world with that kind of effort!

    Thanks for the report and all the wonderful pictures.

  2. Great looking game. I'll be interested to follow the progress with the rules.

  3. Looks great! I had a good read here. Would like to check those rules one day. :)