Sunday, 1 July 2012

Black Thunder - a Raider Technical.

The Raiders have a new toy. This technical slowly pulls into position and pounds the defences with its autocannon. It has become feared in Wastelands. Who knows where those devils found such a weapon?! 

It was a cheap 4x4 toy with the roof cut off. A floor plate was added to the rear and scrap armour made from greenstuff putty was added. A bits box delve provided the other bits n bobs. The weapon was a assault rifle from a cheap action figure. I trimmed the grip and stock and added a handle for the gun. The mounting frame is old plastic sprue and the Drive is a EM4 Combat Zone Plastic Ganger. In total this model cost me £2 for all the bits including the toy car. 

I intend this monster to be used in a planned future campaign and it will be the mission objective in one mission.

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