Sunday, 1 July 2012

Scrap Wranglers

The Scrap Wranglers are a mobile version of the Stalkers who operate out of Liberty City. They use vehicles to push deeper into the ruins and strip what they can including scrap metal. Then they return before dark (even in a hefty vehicle you don't want to spend the night in  the ruins or wastelands) to the safety of their compounds. The Scrap is kept in a huge junk year in Liberty City and traded for other items the gang needs. 

Meet Vikki Scrapper...

Vikki likes long walks in the ruins and shooting mutants in the head. She says her ideal man is one armed to the teeth! 

This mini was a ebay scrapper (fitting that she joined this gang!)...she was missing a head and an arm. It started life as a Necromunda Esher. I fixed with a random plastic arm and a head from Iron Pig. 

Meet the rest of the gang (L-R)

Fuzz - who rides shot gun (left in old Police kit), Crazy Dave who gets to cut the scrap up with the chainsaw and Lefty who covers the gang with the LMG when they are "on the rob!". Fuzz and Crazy Dave are Kallistra figures and Lefty is EM4 Combat Zone ganger with the Heavy Weapons Torso and LMG. Cut up toy car tyres make up his shoulder pads.

The Scrap Wranglers Ride!!

What are the Scrap Wranglers without a vehicle to haul the loot about in?? 

This started life as a 1/35 M113 APC kit. I added wheels and all manner of junk from the bits box. Racks where added and the top hatch modified to fit without the weapons cupola. The repair plate on the side is a resin item by Ramshackle Games. 

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