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Notes on settlement size and Faction types..

Settlements vary in size from a handful of folks to a city. Typically I work to these figures - camps up to 20 bodies, Settlements/Farmsteads up to 30 bodies, Villages 30 to 200 bodies, Towns 201 to 500 bodies, Cities 501 to 5,000 bodies. Settlements larger than this do not exist on the world with one exception - Liberty City.

Anarchist gangs roam the wastes. They believe that the the apocalypse came to free mankind from its overlords. As such they go out of their way to destroy anything that may help mankind rebuild or anything that survives the old times. They are against any faction larger than a village. Anarchists vary in their degree of operation. Some such as the Manic Wasteland Preachers are happy to preach the virtues of Anarchy to anyone who will listen. Others such as the Wasteland Loonies will attack anything that resembles law and order. Some Anarchist bands (depending on their outlook and mood) may help locals defend themselves from predatory bandits or raiders.
Allies: None.
Enemies: Law Bringers, Civilization, Corporation, Cults, Raiders, Slavers, Syndicates, Vaults.

Bandits live in the wastes and are parasitic preying on anyone weaker than themselves. They attack, steal and extort what they can. Bandits will only kill or severely injure their victims if pressed. They need their victims alive for killing them would cause them to starve. Bandits will fight other bandit gangs for turf. They will also protect their victims from raiders and mutant beasts as their victims are no use to them dead. Examples of Bandit gangs are the Glowing Coast Playboys, Liberty Rouges and the Razor Heads of the Neosov Wastes.
Allies: None
Enemies: Everyone.

Civilization are places that have become organized for defense. These may be a handful of villages, a town or a city. A mark of civilization is that they are trying to rebuild and put in infrastructure such as roads. Some are controlled by a large gang. Some have a organized military force, police force or both. They have laws and taxes too. Civilizations vary greatly in their style and philosophies.
Examples of Civilizations are Liberty City, New Sodom City, Ahnk, Nu Moscow and the Sun and Moon.
Allies: Depends on the Civilization
Enemies: Anarchists, Depends on the Civilization.

Corporations existed before the end. Only one survived the end The Kraptoidiots Corporation. One other Corporation has emerged since, The Risen Corporation. The Corps hate each other.
Corporations are trying to reform the world in a Corporate form with the workers at the bottom little more than slaves with little hope of elevating themselves beyond their station. The Corps own even their staff and operatives.
Allies: Possibly Civilizations depending on their viewpoint. Whoever is low enough to trade with them. Maybe Mercs.
Enemies: Other Corporations, Anarchists, Bandits, Anyone not from the Corporation. 

In a world were danger lurks beyond the settlement walls few people will travel. The Couriers are another faction that walks the wastes...or drives across them in heavily armoured vehicles. They provide a service of transporting small items, news and messages across the Wastelands. As a result Bandits and Raiders like to intercept them. You don't want word getting out that you have just attacked a settlement. You don't know who will turn up to spoil your party. There is another type of Courier that also transports people and larger packages too. 

Allies: Their employers
Enemies: whoever tries to stop them.

Cults come in many forms. There are cults involving most of the major Religions (usually in a much corrupted and twisted form), older belief practices and many other oddball ideas. They live in fortified “monasteries” and keep to themselves unless they are out to enlighten or kill the non believers. There are some Doomsday cults out there too, who believe that the end came for a reason and continue the slaughter. They hope to kill themselves when everyone else is dead.
Examples of cults are The Children of Goodness, Little Sisters of Mercy, Church of the Matt Black God, Followers of the Matt Black God, Cult of St Milla and the Cult of the Purple Helmet.
Allies: Vary depending on cult. Usually very rarely.
Enemies: Every one not of the Cult.

Farmsteads usually exist within a few miles of villages, towns, cities and syndicate bases. They try to scratch a living off the land and trade what they can for other supplies they need or protection.
Allies: Hunters, Stalkers, Tribals, Civilization, Traders
Enemies: Raiders, Bandits, Corporations

Most Settlements have a hunter or three. These are specialists in hunting animals and in some cases humans for bounties. Hunters are welcome as they go beyond the barricades into the wastes and bring food back for the population.
Allies: Stalkers, Farmers, Civilizations, Traders.
Enemies: Bandits, Raiders, Corporations

Law Bringer:
The Law Bringers are odd factions. They are found in many settlements village sized and above keeping the peace. However they will walk the Wastes hunting famous wrong doers to make the wastes a safer place. In some places the "Long Walk" is considered as a retirement package for the Lawbringer. Lawbringers will often assist other Lawbringers from other settlements and the “Long Walkers” in capturing/killing wrongdoers. Examples are the Law Bringers of Glowing Coast and Liberty City.
Allies: Settlement they Serve. Possible alliance with other Lawbringer groups and retired Lawbringers doing the Long Walk.
Enemies: Bandits, Raiders, Anarchists, Slavers, Criminals in General.

Fighting is a way of life in the Wastes so you may as well make some jack out it! Mercenaries can be found in many settlements. They carry out many functions were a extra bit of muscle is needed. Some Merc companies are the descendants of pre end military factions and maintain military colors, flags and kit. The downside of employing Mercs is that they may change sides if the pay or conditions is better.
Allies: Who they serve or who will pay the most.
Enemies: Who they are told to attack.

Militias are forces in Civilisation areas and raised from locals to defend their homes and resources. They are often poor in quality having lived behind the settlement’s walls most of their lives. Militia personnel often guard gates. They get one or two training days when they join and are left to do their jobs on a part time or on an as needed basis. Better defended places may have training days once or twice a year to keep their militias skills sharp.
Allies: The place they serve.
Enemies: Who they are told to attack, Raiders, Bandits.

Nomads roam the wastes moving from place to place. They perform odd jobs, scavenge and trade. They are often looked down upon and mistrusted. However Nomads are also considered to be a good source of news and trade items.
Allies: None
Enemies: Lots

Peusdo Cult: 
Pesudo cults follow an ideal in a almost religious fashion. They are similar to cults in their structure and actions. Examples of this are the Guardians who take Technology and keep it for themselves in the name of protecting mankind from itself and the Mattblack Healers who are looking to educate and heal the Wastelanders in the hope that there will be a future.
Allies: Few
Enemies: Who ever opposes them.

Raiders are psychotic bands of maniacs who take what they want or need from whoever that may cross their paths. They do not think twice of killing their victims and delight in acts of extreme violence and depravity. Typical Raiders are the Outcasts and Autoskum gangs.
Allies: None.
Enemies: Everyone.

Scrap Wranglers: 
Scrap Wranglers roam the wastes in huge vehicles looking for scrap metals and wrecks. They cut up what they can then haul it to the nearest settlement or syndicate/corporation factory were they trade it. Scrap Wranglers also trade other items they may find in the ruins. Due to the nature of their job they often attract Bandits and Raiders. Some locals also take offense at the Scrap Wranglers stealing from their turf. Some Tribals see them as desecrating the hallowed places and take offense.
Allies: Some Stalkers. The syndicates, corporations and traders they deal with.
Enemies: Some Stalkers, Raiders, Bandits, other Scrap Wranglers, some local gangs and tribals.

Stalker is a nickname from the pre times. No one knows where it originated or why they should be called this. Stalkers are a independent faction and are seen as saviors of their communities. Many consider them as daredevils for the jobs they do. They venture beyond the settlements walls and scavenge the ruins for items to help their communities survive. Sometimes they bring back other old world treasures too. They always have a horrific story to share. Successful Stalkers have fame and fortune. However life is short for many. The places they wander into are filled with horrible mutants, bandits, raider and toxic poisons. Stalkers will also serve with Warbands made up of militia, Law men, Mercs and hunters tackling threats to their settlements.
Allies: The settlement they serve.
Enemies: Bandits, Raiders, some scrap wranglers, some tribals, slavers.

Slavers wander the wastes raiding settlements for slaves. They take the captured slaves and trade them at settlements who take slaves.
Allies: Only those they trade with.
Enemies: Depends on the morals of who they meet and who slavers are trying to turn into slaves.

Syndicates are made up of settlements who produce items or provide goods and services. In some areas it may be a trader, weapon/vehicle repairer and ammo manufacturer. Syndicates often have problems with corporations trying to take them over. Some syndicates use slaves while others pay for work. Syndicates often employ Mercenaries as a security force. Typical syndicates are the Wasteland Construction Company, Wasteland Travel and Laird.
Allies: Traders, who ever they trade with.
Enemies: Bandits, Raiders, Anarchists, corporations

Traders roam the wastelands trading items for profit. They trade with settlements, farms, syndicates, stalkers and scrap wranglers. For many places they are a life line. Traders often employ mercenaries. Examples: Trader Tommy.
Allies: Who ever they trade with
Enemies: Bandits, Raiders, Anarchists, Corporations

Tribals have returned to a low tech existence living off the land. Each tribe has it own unique look, beliefs and customs. Some have even developed their own languages. Tribals usually steer clear of the ruins and technology of the old world. They are forbidden or sacred places haunted by ghosts and demons.
Allies: Possible alliances with some Traders, Nomads and other tribals.
Enemies: Bandits, Raiders, Corporations, Some Stalkers and Scrap Wranglers.

The Vaults where bunkers developed for the everyday folk to live in, for a price by the unscrupulous Vaultsys corporation. Although they are well equipped they do not have the facilities of the government SOS Bunkers. The majority of the 10,000 Vaults constructed were filled before the end days (99%). The Vaults were designed for 100 people to live in for centuries and could easily expand to take 150 bodies. Many have survived and remain hidden. They are places of isolated high tech groups who fear the outside world. The corporation that built the vaults have run many social and other experiments on many of the Vaults unknown to the inhabitants. It is thought that 25% of the Vaults have been destroyed during the Nuclear Assault. Another 20% have been lost to outside invasions by Bandits, Raiders, Corporations, other forces and systems failures. 25% have been lost to “failure” of the experiments the corporation ran.
Examples: Vault 99
Allies: Not Known.
Enemies: Bandits, Raiders, Corporations, Civilizations wishing to take the Vault in question, some Stalkers who may look to looting the Vault. 

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