Thursday, 5 July 2012

History of Mattblackgod's world Pt1

Matt Black’s world was like any other – until the death of its discoverer and namesake. When Matt Black died various factions mourned (they thoughtfully kept him alive on machines for 200 years!). Soon a bizarre cult formed and gained popularity. The cult of the Matt Black God soon became prominent on the world.

The cult waged war on anyone who they thought sullied the visions of the planets discoverer and ruler. Acts of petty terrorism were also committed in Matt Black's name. Pretty soon other factions where drawn into the conflict.  All out war raged across the planet with over 100 factions attacking each other. The Government could not contain the conflicts and its police and military force often got attacked by the people they were protecting. It was a time of paranoia, chaos and anarchy. 

The ruling government set up the production of SOS bunkers. Huge sealed underground facilities. Here a small army of citizens (200+) could live. There were enough supplies for them to live for a very long time. There were military grade weapons, munitions, equipment and vehicles for a small army stored in each bunker. In addition to this there were cyro chambers, manufacturing facilities and stores of raw materials. The government managed to build 200 of these bunkers.

The government where not the only ones building bunkers. Many factions where building underground facilities. The majority of these where laboratories for creating the latest high tech Weapons. 

Meanwhile above ground the war raged on. Each faction deploying all manner of weapons. The world was filled with toxins from the weapons and living up top was getting pretty harsh. War droids and GELFs (Genetically Engineered Life Forms) where also deployed during the hostilites. Out in space a fleet arrived to evacuate the planet. The government put its plans to fill the bunkers on hold.

At this time only eight bunkers where fully populated. A further ten had only skeleton crews manning them. The rest where running on automatic systems waiting to be populated. Then two things happened. One faction embroiled in the war launched a biological attack. A plague that rotted people and made them flesh hungry monsters. Another faction responded by launching a rage virus attack. This virus filled people with uncontrollable rage and bloodlust. Quickly whole populations where wiped out or turned into monsters.

The Federation fleet was shocked by what was happening on the planet below. It was decided that they could not risk these viruses getting off the world. They where ordered to "Nuke the planet from orbit" to kill the monsters roaming the surface – it was the only way to be sure.

The Nukes rained down on the planet bathing the world in a fire storm. Extra missiles where dropped onto the infected zones and anywhere a space craft could launch from. Matt Black's world was left a mess of toxins and radioactivity. As the fleet left it deployed several automated satellites in orbit programmed to destroy anything leaving the planet. The system was then heavily mined and more automated weapons stations deployed. It was ruled as a danger zone and entry into it was forbidden!

In addition to their problems the denizens of Matt Black's world had to suffer the after effects of the strikes. Tidal waves, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and years without light.

75 years after the event the world of the Mattblackgod is unrecognisable. Once proud cities stand crumbling ruins, vast tracts of land are reduced to wastelands, massive craters pock the landscapes and toxins bubble to the surface of the planet.

Humanity is still struggling to survive here. Some of the SOS bunkers emerged and  founded cities. Smaller cities exist too and there are lots of settlements in the wastelands. Life is hard. Radiation Pockets, Toxins, Chemical Storms, Warbands, Crazies, raiders, slavers, mutant creatures and the occasional Cannibal are constant problems.

Mutation is commonplace on the world and there are new races – although recently it seems that there are some new stable mutations out in the wastes. You might think some one was making them (the folks on world have forgotten that at least two of the races exist in the galaxy beyond the world). 

Welcome to the world of the Mattblackgod. Where desperation is common place and men kill for a loaf of bread or a bottle of clean water. Where food, ammunition, fuel and clean water are real riches. Where Death awaits…..

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