Sunday, 1 July 2012

The Transporter

Out in the Wastelands you need a HUGE rig to haul goods, people or loot about. It helps if they have a decent ability to cross rough terrain too. 

Loads of room for a gang to hang out! 

This beast is so large it can even carry other vehicles!! 

Or a couple of large containers looted from some bunker or other! 

This started as a 1/24 Rommel Rod kit. As it was way too large I hacked it to make a rig for my wastelands. The cab, cab door and flatbed is scrap plastic card (recycled plastic voucher cards). The gun and cab window are resin items by Ramshackle Games. The frame is sprue the kit came on. Add a liberal sprinkling of bits from the bits box and its done. The rest of the bits on the model are from the kit. 

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