Sunday, 8 July 2012

Project Pandora - Grim Cargo. First Thoughts

Project Pandora is a Tactical board game by Mantic Games set in the bowels of a Space Ship. It comes with rules, dice, boards, counters, 10 Corporation Marines and 10 Veer-myn miniatures.

The rules look simple enough with some nice rules to keep the game interesting. As Mantic's Sci-Fi rules Warpath are aimed at Platoon level games I think that the Project Pandora rules could be easily tweaked for more smaller skirmish games. 

The Boards are nice looking and unlike the old GW Space Hulk are more versatile. There are no walls on them, doorways or jigsaw type locking lugs. I should imagine that you can easily expand the set by printing off renders and sticking them to boards.There are a few with grid patterns on them out there which will fit the rules.

The Mantic minis look good. The Corporation have some spare weapons so you can go for some specialists. They look to be true 28mm and scale up well with Combat Zone/EM4, Hasslefree and Heresy minis. For conversion nuts the arms are separate so it may be possible to use EM4 Combat Zone Trooper heavy weapons with them to make a more varied force. The Veer-myn look to scale well to GW Skaven. All the minis went together okay with minimal fuss.

When they are painted I plan a game or three. Further updates on Project Pandora when I have some games under my belt.

I have decided that the Veer-myn will be going rusty metal colours. That way they will fit my Vermen ( old Shockforce Gothrats and modified GW Skaven) force. The only decision is what colour to paint the Corporation Marines. As these guys wont be getting attached to my other forces I am thinking about painting them white. 

The one thing that this game is making me think is maybe its time to build my Starship game boards in a similar vein to my tunnel terrain, but more high tech. I am torn between shiny white corridors or the reality of what a vessel will look like...dirty and grungy. 

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  1. Interesting thoughts mate. As for the corridors - I'd say dirty and industrial looking. I'm thinkiing of the majority of ships in the Alien series, Firely/Serenity and a couple other 'Gritty' sci fi settings. I guess the other option would be to have the main 'living areas' and command console rooms all shiney and nice, but he hold, maintaince areas and the like all grungy and dirty (a bit like in the System Shock games as far as I can recall). Have you also thought about having some boards with 'Alien gloop' on, ala the Alien hives, etc?