Sunday, 8 July 2012

Tunnel Terrain....

A couple of years back inspired by the STALKER and Metro2033 computer games I made this tunnel terrain set. It is all made from foamboard and other odds n ends. I planned the build to be a modular as possible. 

Gaming in tunnels is a totally different feel than on an open board. It gives a much more tense game. You have to cover all angles. One hidden figure with an automatic weapon can do a lot of damage. That said angles and Lines of sight are short. Your figures can be in melee before you get a chance to shoot. If your rules have overwatch or snap shot make sure you use them. 

I cant put the whole set together on this puny table! The bits of card painted in rusty metal colours are for blocking off room entrances. There is a removable set of barricades in the tunnels too. If you look closely at the table you will see the blast door that swaps with them.

Cross section with some signage. 

The pipewall section with a warning sign. 

Random tunnel sign. Better mask up! 

The tunnel with the home made ladder. 

Right angle with a poster. 

Same right angle panel detail. Boys always check the red panel - that is were they stash ammo. 

Inside the Stalker Stash room. This room could be a lab, break or security room. 

The lockers (from a dolls house set). Always worth checking. Sometimes there is a medi pack or some ammo. One time we found a pristine assault rifle and some body armour. 

Whoever was here last must have been fans of this, what ever it is.  This room is based on one in the Tunnels/Labs in Stalker. 

STALKER vodka advert. 

The letters are lettraset and where a total pain to apply. The arrows point to a hidden stash. 

I love the way the rust has come out on the air vents (Anisty Castings item)

More lettraset letters

The long tunnel

The removable tunnel door.

SHUT THE DOOR! Where you born in a barn?  

Other side

The barricade for the long tunnel.

Other side

The collapsed tunnel. 

More from the tunnel

Best watch that grid thing. Something unpleasant might climb out of it. 

Another shot of the same tunnel. 

You have been warned!  I thought it might be fun to have sections where you cant use certain weapons.

A right angle. The mad looking huge pipe thingy is a 20mm plastic conduit bush/coupler. You can pick them up in DIY stores quite cheaply. The electrical box is made from the covers you get on a 3 pin mains plug when you buy a new appliance (US and Euro guys might not be able to get these as your plugs are round pins). The hole in the top was plugged with putty. The cable is a guitar string with a putty bracket. 

Eeeewwww - watch your step. The puddle is PVA glue painted green. It may be hazardous, it may not...step in it and see. 

The lower walls in this section came from packets of end pieces for UPVA windows that where left behind when the builders installed our new windows a couple of years ago. A long dead explorer lies on the floor - a warning to others. 

The vented tunnel. In the Stalker game a vent like this leads to the hidden Stalker Stash room.  

The other side of the vented tunnel. I quite like how the pipes turned out. 

Ribbed section with grid. The ribs are made from plastic coffee stirrers you loot from cafes. 

A shot of the wall ribs.

The electrical box is scratch built from foamboard and card. The conduit under it was a qtip and the handle was a chopped up WW2 1/35 anti-tank rifle handle.

The propped up tunnel. It makes a nice choke point. May even be a good mission to seal a tunnel by blowing the props (directly stolen from the Metro 2033 game! ). 

The ladder down room. 

The wide tunnel. 

The wide tunnel being used as a camp. 

Small room. My line painting isnt the best. It wasnt helped by the masking tape not sticking, so its free hand. I am thinking that if I ever do this again I will paint the inside walls first. That way its easier to get a straight line and there is no limits on brush movement. 

One of my favourite rooms. 

Its based on the first room in the Metro 2033 game. See the big door? That leads up into the station and to the surface. The rear wall is double skinned so the door slides in between them. The posters are pictures I found online and printed off. The wall fans/aircon units are resin items I found on Ebay. The mechanial backup door wheel is a pop fastener and the power switch on the left hand side of the door was a rear airfoil off a 1/100th Cobra helicopter kit with 1.5mm diameter punched bits of card as buttons. 

Oooh heck, your not going up there are you? 

Other end of the room. 

More detail and posters. 

Large room. The bulkheads slide out for maximum versatility. I used plastic I beam to make the holders and the bulkheads are mounting board. I may detail the bulkheads one day. 

Picture with them removed to make extra door ways. 

Green room with the bulkheads in. 

No idea what that gubbins is. Power generator, power backup, Air pump or water pump perhaps? It was a power plant from a 1/6000 port playset I got as a kid (yikes - that was 30 years ago! ). I extended the chimneys with plastic straws. There is some sort of lever arrangement fitted to one side (that was some sort of hand control from the cockpit of a 1/24 Messersmicht 109 kit). 

Brown room. 

Imagine you are exploring some tunnels and you see this? 

A ladder goes up. 

A ladder goes down into the dark. Did I just hear a distant snarling? 

You climb the ladder to some sort of holding tank or over flow. Except there is a big hole in the centre of the tank. A cold dread fills you as you wonder what might be lurking down there. 

On the other side of the tank some pipes appeared to have emptied into here once. A suspicious dried green goo is on the floor. As there are Bio Haz signs you better not fall in. Looking over you spot a hole in the wall. You wonder what made it. Is this where the mutants have come from?  

Even more worrying is the metal mesh in the grates. It appears to have holes smashed into it from below. 

The whole thing is a poly packing piece from a new printer. The ladders are trimmed wire mesh. The metal grating is granny grating/embroidery mesh. Plastic straws and textured paint finish it off. All that was added was a few signs.

At the vending area...Ice Cold Nuke or a Ice Cold Rad Beer? Vending machines by Ainsty/Old Crow, First Aid cabinet by Fenris games and the safe is by Pardulon. 

Lockers by Pardulon

Some Plaster cast bed I got off ebay. No idea who makes these. Anyone?

High tech research lab by Copplestone.

Lab Equipment by Pardulon

Toxic Waste store...barrels by Fenris Games. 

There are a few more resin and scratch build parts for this set. But I will show them off another day. 

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  1. Really great work here. Your terrain and minis have buckets of personality!